Monday, December 3, 2007

My Favorite Things!!

It's been days since I have updated my blog. That is what happens when you have a houseful of sickies. Both Jason and I have had a cold and Alex well I wouldn't say he has had a cold but he has had a stuffy nose and small cough. I am hoping we are at the end of this terrible sick phase. Anywho...

What's your favorite thing about this time of year? For me there are many but a few would be the first big snow storm ( as long as I am in my house warm and cozy). We received about 7 inches of snow between Friday and Saturday. I could appreciate it because I didn't have to drive in it. Alex loved watching it snow outside his window. Between being sick and having a winter wonderland we choose to spend most of the weekend at home as a family. We did venture out yesterday for Aunt Alanna's b-day lunch at one of my favorite restaurants CA Pizza Kitchen, too bad I couldn't really enjoy the food with a stuffed up nose. After lunch we did a little Christmas shopping and got our groceries for the week.

Another one of my favorite things this time of year would be the Christmas music. Now I know this can get old but for now it's so much fun. I have been cranking the FM 100 in the kitchen while Alex and I dance around being silly. You should give it a try, babies love it and it's a good way to burn a few of those holiday calories.

Finally one of my all time favorite things about the holidays is the Festival of Trees. For those of you not familiar with this let me explain. Each year right after Thanksgiving there is a big festival here in Utah to raise money for the primary children's hospital. All proceeds and I mean all go to helping sick children. Whenever possible I love to attend the festival as it really puts you in the Christmas mood and reminds you of the true meaning of Christmas. I have even had the opportunity to help with a few trees in years past. To learn more about the festival check out the following link ( Sorry that I haven't learned how to post links the funky way yet.) This year I was able to go with my Mom, Sister, and BF Jen as well my buddy Alex. We had a great time looking at all of trees. Here are a few pictures from my Mom's camera. I will add more later when I get my pictures downloaded. I'm not looking so hot but hey it's the experience that really matters right? Hope you are having a terrific Monday!

My BF Jen, Alex and I

My Mom, Alex, Sister Kim and I

Here are a few more pictures I added. As you can see I had fun playing around a bit on

This was one of the most unique trees they had. It made me think of my good friend Mollie who loves Raff Raffs =)

I loved the big star on this tree!

A cute pic of Jen, if only I had looked half decent that day.


Bennett Family said...

i think you look darling! WE MISS UTAH!