Thursday, July 24, 2008

Always playing blog catch up

Why is it that my blog has become a chore instead of a hobby. There has been so much going on that I feel I will never catch up. Time to do just that! Here is what has been happening in my neck of the woods.
Alex turned 14 months old. I know I was always told cherish them while their are small because they grow up fast but honestly I never expected it to be this fast.
I am not sure on his weight because we haven't weighed him lately but he is definitely still small for his age. He isn't walking yet but is super close, I don't give him much longer. He is so full of personality lately.
Here are a just a few of his new/favorite things to do lately. He loves to watch eebee baby, signing times and John & Kate plus 8. He loves to be tickled, play with his trucks, give high fives, wave, be pulled around in his highchair, drink milk from his sippy cup, take showers with mom, play in the water, eat mom's piggies, read books, play catch with his balls and give hugs and kisses. His new favorite words is Ohhhh and Baa ( translated to ball).

His 14 month pictures, look at how little Ryker bear is getting.

Last weekend I had my niece Shae come for a visit. We stayed busy while she was here. We had a good time at Moms group playing on Noah's Ark at Thanksgiving point. We also spent a day playing over at my friend Mollie's new house. Had a BBQ and swam at Nessiem's house one night. Went to Draper Days another night and watched the fireworks. It was a busy weekend! Sunday we had family dinner at my Mom's so I could meet my sister to drop off Shae.

Here is Shae pushing Alex around on his truck. He loved having a playmate for the week. Shae is such a big helper. I hope they always stay best buds.

Draper Days

Alex's first pony ride. He wasn't too sure what to think of it. Jason said "can you blame him I am not a huge fan of riding them either".

This horse was hungry and had stuck his head under the fence to eat the grass. He has eaten it down to nothing so Shae was nice enough to pull some grass for him and bring it to where he could reach. Silly horse, I am surprised he didn't get his head stuck.

Shae and Alex on the barrel wagon ride. He seemed to enjoy himself but wasn't willing to look at me for a picture.

We decided to let Shae do something many people will never do in their lifetime, jump in a huge pool of bubbles in her clothes. She had a blast. I think if it's there next year I might just have to try it out myself.

Jason bbq'd some Sanpete "turkey" for Sunday dinner. It was delicious!! We didn't have the turkey we needed so chicken had to do but it worked out well. Alex seemed to enjoy it.

A close up of Alex crossing his legs. So stinkin' cute!!

Alex loves balls and has just recently started staying baaa. He was freaking out on Sunday and I couldn't figure out why. Finally I realized he had noticed the ball on the other side of the lawn. Aunt Kim was nice enough to play catch with him.

Happy 24th for all you Utahns, have a great one!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The last two weeks in review

So I've been missing in action for awhile. A lot has been going on the past two weeks since I have updated my blog. Here is a little review of a few things that have happened at the OwYoung household recently.

Friday the 4th of July Jason and I couldn't agree on what we wanted to do. About noon we finally decided to pack up and head up to Brigham City to hang out with my sister's family. We usually go up there every year for a BBQ, activities and the park and fireworks. Last year we didn't make it because my brother got married so this was the first time taking Alex there.

Minutes after arriving at the park I received a phone call informing me that my good friend Stephanie had just lost her husband Clint. It probably won't come as a surprise to many of you that I am a very sensitive girl. I had the hardest time enjoying myself that day knowing that she was in so much pain. A week later on the 10th I was able to attend the funeral service, it was beautiful! I wonder if Clint knew how many people loved him, it was incredible. Since then I have browsed over pictures from their wedding. They made such a cute couple, so in love! I know the next few days, weeks, months and years will be difficult but Stephanie is a strong women and I know she will be able to make it with Clint looking down over her.

Steph and I at her wedding in 2005, I was so happy for her.

The happy couple exchanging frosting.

Their First Dance

I tried to make the most of the rest of the 4th and had a good time overall hanging out with my family as usual. I didn't take many pictures but here are a few of Alex with the kitty. My niece Hilary also took a few self portraits I thought I better include here. She claims I have no pictures of her and Alex on my blog, not anymore!! We worried that Alex would freak out over the fireworks but he loved them. He also kept entertained with a glowstick. It was a great day full of games, swing sets, fireworks, pedicures, homemade ice cream and lots of laughs. I love holidays!

Alex loves when his cousins push him in the swing.
Alex first time with a kitty. He did end up petting it but my camera was acting up at the time.

A few self-portraits of Alex and Hilary

Wednesday the 9th Jason stayed home with Alex so I could have a Moms night out with my group. We went bowling at Sandy lanes and had dessert at Chili's. It was nice to get away for a few hours. Thanks girls!! I am looking forward to next month already.

Friday the 11th Alex and I met up with my sister's family at Seven Peaks for the day. The weather was perfect. Alex loved being outside and of course playing in the water. I was able to go on some rides thanks to my nieces who were thrilled to spend some time with Alex. Areiann took Alex down the lazy river where he fell asleep so they came back to the shade for a nap. We had a wonderful day and came home sunburn free. A first for me at Seven Peaks for sure.

Nap time

Hanging out with cousin Shae

My BIL Mike get some sunscreen on, he was really white but worked fast at getting the lotion rubbed in before I could get my camera. I promise he doesn't always look this goofy.

Bath time at our house is always fun for Alex. The other night I yelled at Jason to grab the camera. Doesn't Alex make a cute Alfalfa.

Last night I was busy getting ready for bed. It is a difficult thing to do when you have Alex at your feet. Don't worry I found the perfect solution. Tampons anyone? They sure entertained Alex for awhile.

Alex turns 14th months old today, where has time gone. Stay tuned for updated pictures, firsts and funny stories. Alex is always making us smile.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Food, Family and Fun

At least once a month my family gets together for Sunday dinner. I look forward to spending time together. Last week we celebrated my Mom's birthday ( a little late) and my Nephew In Law ( is that such a word) Clay's birthday. My sister and I decided that a Taco bar sounded tasty. We wanted to try out my new tortilla maker my sister bought for my birthday. Dinner was delicious as usual. For dessert I decided to make a Fruit Pizza. My Mom helped me decorate it and Jason decided to whip up a fruit glaze for the top. Doesn't it look yummy? It must have been okay because there wasn't a crumb left.

After dinner I decided to set up the pool for Alex and Shae to play in. The two of them have so much fun playing together. The rest of the family either enjoyed the sunshine or played Bocce with Clay's new set.

Although Alex was tired from swimming and no nap ( not because I didn't try) it was time for his 4th haircut, yup I said number 4. Aunt Kim gave him a cookie and went to work. She said it was the easiest haircut she has given him because he kept nodding off. Jillian was nice enough to bath him and get him in his jammies after all was done. No pictures this family was nice enough to watch Alex while Jason and I went to see WALL-E. I don't know if I had too high of expectations but I didn't love it. I liked it but won't be dying to see it anytime soon. It may surprise many of you but I am quite the talker. I guess I like my movies to be the same way. There wasn't allot of talking in the beginning and I felt like it dragged at times but overall had a good message. Either way it as nice to take a small break from parenthood to just be a couple. I miss going to the movies with Jason.

Enjoy your 4th of July, I will be back with more pictures soon.