Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another year Older & Wiser ( not sure about that part) too!

So yesterday April 28th I turned the big 28. It seems so old to me.. didn't I just graduate from High School? I guess not! I remember last year being miserable, so pregnant and just begging to get my baby here. I didn't feel well but Jason had planned a surprise birthday party so he was bound to get me out of the house. It was an awesome birthday!

This year my birthday was great as well. It was filled with tons of activities which spread out over the weekend. Here is a recap of our busy weekend.

Friday- I made a batch of tortilla dough so I could play with my birthday present my sister bought me. It's a homemade tortilla maker, it's super cool, anyone want to have a dinner date? Later on my friend Cami took me to Joy Luck for my birthday lunch and then we went scrapbooking shopping at AMM before their final day. Jason and I headed to Babies R Us that night to shop for presents for Alex's 1st birthday. It's so fun to shop for toys.

Saturday- I woke up early so I left bug with Jason and headed out to a few yard sales in my neighborhood ( nothing good). Then I went over to the Creating Keepsakes 75% off warehouse sale. It's nice because their headquarters is only 2 miles from my house. The crowd was crazy!! I grabbed the freebies ( a box set, a handwriting book and mini albums valued over 60 bucks) and then I joined the mad women grabbing all the fabulous deals. It wasn't until I saw the ginormous line that I decided I could live without the stuff especially after going to the scrapbook expo the week before. I took my freebies and left. I did all my errands and then headed up to get ready. Jillian and Clay were nice enough to come down to watch Alex while Jason and I had a date for my birthday.

We went to lunch at my favorite place Hagermann's ( yummy) and the got a couples massage. I am embarrassed to say that I got a massage gift certificate from my good friends Natalie and Beth for my b-day last year. Better late then never right it expired on Sunday and we used it just in time on Saturday. Thanks girls, it was AWESOME!! I am still not used to some strange man massaging me naked but I got over it quick. =0) After our massage we hit the Verizon store to buy me a new phone ( lipstick red) and to Zurchers for party supplies for Alex's birthday party. It was nice to get away and know that our baby was in good hands. Thanks Clay and Jill!

Sunday- We headed to gateway to shop and have lunch with my in-laws for my birthday. We went to California Pizza kitchen. As usual it was tasty! My in-laws bought me some PJs and turbie twists for my b-day. Jason and I as a joint gift received a GPS just in time for our trip to California. They spoil us! Thanks Al, Judy and Alanna. We then did a little shopping and ended the day with Ben's cookies. The weather was so nice, it was great to get outside.

Monday- My Birthday!! After a long night with a migraine and Alex not sleeping I let my boys sleep in while I got up and checked my e-mail. I received lots of birthday cards, text messages and phone calls oh and a few people signing to me =) ( thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, it means allot to me). Jason, Alex and I met my Mom for lunch at the Cheesecake factory ( super tasty). My mom gave me a new shirt, bag and gift certificate to Target. Thanks Mom, I love ya! My Mom headed back to work and we headed over to the mall for some shopping. We had a few gift certificates we haven't used up so we bought more stuff for Alex of course. Lots of fun stuff for his birthday. Later that night we went out to get bug some diapers, dinner at a new Italian place, not so good) hit See's chocolates for dessert and came home to hang out the rest of the night.

It was great birthday!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Facts & Thoughts

I'm slacking again at blogging, I have been busy with spring cleaning and projects galore. Last weekend Jason went to Moab with the boys while Alex and I entertained ourselves with the scrapbook expo, work lunch reunions, best friend late night dates, treats, movies and scrapping. Alex was a trooper keeping me company. All and all it was a pretty good weekend!

Here is the Rig Jason rode in on his trip to Moab. This is our buddy Shane with his Pinz ( hope I spelled that one right). Looks like a lot of fun huh, NOT!

Now I am busy planning my birthday ( the big 28 is coming quick), Alex's birthday, my sister's birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary,Mother's day and our California vacation. WOWZERS... all of these are within the next few weeks. Each has something I must get done.

Thanks for all your comments, it's fun to see who is reading my blog although I know not everyone is posting... same cities keep popping up with no one to claim them. =) I finally ordered my print from the contest and the CD with rights to all the photos. Alex didn't win anything however of course I think he should have. Funny thing is we were sandwiched in the line by two of the winners, both little girls.

I was tagged a few weeks ago and have put off writing this post but today is the day. Here are 6 Random facts about me and 6 about bug.

6 Random Facts About Me
I was tagged by Laura

Here are the rules:
A: Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves

B: At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names; then goes to their blogs, leaves them a comment letting them know that they have been tagged and invites them to read your blog.

Mom 1- I do not fill out forms or checks in order. For some reason I can not fill out a form/check in order. For example I will write part of the date, skip to my name, back to half of the amount, over to who it is for, back to finishing the date etc. until I am done. I have tried to break this horrible, annoying and very strange habit but I can't.

Alex 1- He is a binky hog. If he has one binky and finds another he will switch them out as though they are different flavors. One for the hand and one for the mouth and switch.

Mom 2- I am obsessed with death. I am sure this comes from the amount of death I have dealt with in my life. A few examples I read the obits daily, I remember death dates for my family and random people. If I see an accident or a news story dealing with death or someone hurting I grieve for the people involved.

Alex 2-He sleeps in the strangest positions whether it's sitting up with his head against the crib railing, his butt in the air, squished in a corner. Whatever is uncomfortable is how you will find him.

Mom 3- My food can't touch! I am one who has to have a separate bowl for my fruit or salad. Only certain foods can touch otherwise there must be a very definite line between my foods such as my salad cannot touch the tators and gravy. If they touch, I don't eat them.

Alex 3- He loves loves pot roast and veggies. He could eat it for every meal if I let him. His legs kick in excitement whenever he sees me getting him food from the crock pot. I have made a roast a week just to please him.

Mom 4- Dirty dishes in a sink of water make me sick. I can have a 100 dirty plates separately sitting on my counter and be fine but put dirty plates stacked in a sink of dish water and I hurl. If Jason stacks the dishes, he must do them. I can't bear to reach my hand in and dish them out... just thinking of it makes me sick.

Alex 4- He has a thing for girls even at age one. He picks the little girls out of a crowd and knows how to flirt. A few weeks ago we were out to eat and Jason put his hand in front of Alex's face to block his view so he would quit staring at this family of three little girls. He learned to look around the hand and finally got mad and moved it out of his view. What a boy!

Mom 5- I have horrible motion sickness. Talking about, seeing or being on any fair rides makes me sick. It has gotten so bad that just pushing Alex in the swing can get to me.

Alex 5-He loves to share. This strange because most kids don't. For now he loves to share his binkies, food, toys whatever. He's a sweetheart!

Mom 6-I get a high from public speaking. The bigger the crowd the better. I could be pulled from a church congregation to speak and love it. Strange thing I hate meeting people for the first time one on one or demoing stamping... go figure. Most people's top fear is my nature high and landed me a full ride scholarship in speech and debate in college. Do you need me to speak somewhere?

Alex 6- His hair turns heads. It doesn't matter where we go we are constantly stopped by people, old and young telling us not just that Alex is cute but the number one comment... I love the hair! Some might find it a bit wild but Mom loves it and that's all that matters, right?

I tag-Jesica, Hayley, Janea, Niki, Mollie, Elicia, Both Emily's ( a few more the six I know)

Here are a few pictures from last night. Gotta love a man in his robe.

Mommy attacking Alex with kisses, it's the norm around here

Not a fan of hats or hoodies, I love torturing him to try

and get them off his head, mean mom

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cutest Baby Pics

I know every mother thinks their baby is the cutest well I am no exception. I finally got my pictures back from the baby day expo. They are stinkin cute!! I still haven't heard who the winners are but I plan on looking into that tomorrow. Do you want to see my cute baby? Well leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I would love to share the link and our password with you. Who reads my blog anyway.... old friends, schoolmates, family, friends, former SAMie demos, total strangers? I would love to know. According to my Map there are people who read my blog daily and I can only guess who you are because you never comment. You don't have to be a blogger to comment in case you didn't know. All you have to do is click on the comment button below my posting, hit anonymous and type your message and sign your name of course. It's very simple actually!! Just curious who is out there. Hope to show off these cute pictures and get your opinion on which ones I need. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

11 months old

Alex turned 11 months yesterday, man how times flies. I can't believe that in less than a month I will be enjoying sunny California with a 1 year old. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was 9 months pregnant, miserable and beyond ready for Alex to join us in the real world. We have had a lazy week just trying to fight this cold.

Last night before leaving Alex at home with Dad ( fabulous Pop) for a girls nights out to scrap ( thanks Carmel Queens =P ) I snapped a few photos of my 11 month old during his Johnson vapor bath time. Of course I had to get a few nakey shots. I just love his bear bum if only mine where half as cute.

Watching Dad get his bath ready, don't mind the tape we have our tub currently ripped apart for repair.

Now for the nakey shoots. I couldn't pick just one. I love how he is on his tipey toes, how he is watching the water run, the smile, the cottage cheese, I love it all!!

Alex did sleep better last night so I hope this cold is on it's way out. I hate sick babies!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Bailey Wedding

So as many of you know this weekend my oldest niece Jillian got married to the love of her life Clay Bailey. It was a gorgeous wedding!! I didn't take many pictures as my camera was acting funny and I was too busy doing other things but here are a few.

Jillian and her best friend/maid of honor Andrea

Their first dance as husband and wife. I included these
because you can see how pretty her hair was.
It had a braid in the back and three across the top it was beautiful.

Checking out the floor after a long day. I love the look on his face.

What a grinner!! He was such a good baby for the wedding. He made a few small peeps during the ceremony but otherwise was an angel all day.

The happy couple exchanging cake. Mind you Jillian hates not only chocolate but cake (not my genes) but she push forward for some pictures.

She turned to ask me to hold her bouquet while they cut their cake. I wanted you to see how pretty it was and her amazing red sash down the back. She was a stunning bride!!

My youngest niece Shae the flower girl stopped for a pose at the end of the night.

Simple and elegant, I really liked their cake

My mommy!

On a side note I finished Jillian's wedding album just in time and it turned out quite pretty if I say so myself. It's Sunday night and Alex has come down with a cold. He has never been sick besides teething so this is a first. I guess I shouldn't complain. He has a cough and a runny nose. He hasn't slept well, eaten like usual or been his happy self. I hope he gets well soon. I would like to get out and enjoy this nice weather. Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just another lazy day

I been a slacker at blogging lately, not much to talk about. We have been laying low this week just spring cleaning and finishing up Jillian's wedding album. I have even been bad about taking pictures so yesterday I broke out the camera during cookie and bath time and got a few fun shots. It's amazing to me how much Alex's little personality is coming out at such a young age. He is full of slobbery kisses and smiles. Yesterday I kept him entertained for a half hour playing catch. At first he would throw the block to me until he realized it was either going over his head or to the side of him but never to me. Finally he decided it would be easier to lift his bum a little and hand the block directly to me. So for a good 30 minutes I would toss the block to him, he would giggle, hand it back to me and wait for it to happen all over again. What a goofball! He also has kept entertained by throwing his plastic balls on the kitchen floor, watching them roll and chasing after them. He is such a fun kid to have around. He wears me out and keeps me entertained all at the same time.

Cookie time- It's hard to believe that one little cookie could create all this mess... YUCK!

Luckily we have bath time to follow, don't you love his expressions. He has really found his tongue this week and loves to show it off.

All clean, smelling good and hamming it up for the camera. Man I love this kid!

I will post again this weekend after Jillian and Clay's wedding with lots of pictures I hope. Have a great day!