Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Facts & Thoughts

I'm slacking again at blogging, I have been busy with spring cleaning and projects galore. Last weekend Jason went to Moab with the boys while Alex and I entertained ourselves with the scrapbook expo, work lunch reunions, best friend late night dates, treats, movies and scrapping. Alex was a trooper keeping me company. All and all it was a pretty good weekend!

Here is the Rig Jason rode in on his trip to Moab. This is our buddy Shane with his Pinz ( hope I spelled that one right). Looks like a lot of fun huh, NOT!

Now I am busy planning my birthday ( the big 28 is coming quick), Alex's birthday, my sister's birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary,Mother's day and our California vacation. WOWZERS... all of these are within the next few weeks. Each has something I must get done.

Thanks for all your comments, it's fun to see who is reading my blog although I know not everyone is posting... same cities keep popping up with no one to claim them. =) I finally ordered my print from the contest and the CD with rights to all the photos. Alex didn't win anything however of course I think he should have. Funny thing is we were sandwiched in the line by two of the winners, both little girls.

I was tagged a few weeks ago and have put off writing this post but today is the day. Here are 6 Random facts about me and 6 about bug.

6 Random Facts About Me
I was tagged by Laura

Here are the rules:
A: Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves

B: At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names; then goes to their blogs, leaves them a comment letting them know that they have been tagged and invites them to read your blog.

Mom 1- I do not fill out forms or checks in order. For some reason I can not fill out a form/check in order. For example I will write part of the date, skip to my name, back to half of the amount, over to who it is for, back to finishing the date etc. until I am done. I have tried to break this horrible, annoying and very strange habit but I can't.

Alex 1- He is a binky hog. If he has one binky and finds another he will switch them out as though they are different flavors. One for the hand and one for the mouth and switch.

Mom 2- I am obsessed with death. I am sure this comes from the amount of death I have dealt with in my life. A few examples I read the obits daily, I remember death dates for my family and random people. If I see an accident or a news story dealing with death or someone hurting I grieve for the people involved.

Alex 2-He sleeps in the strangest positions whether it's sitting up with his head against the crib railing, his butt in the air, squished in a corner. Whatever is uncomfortable is how you will find him.

Mom 3- My food can't touch! I am one who has to have a separate bowl for my fruit or salad. Only certain foods can touch otherwise there must be a very definite line between my foods such as my salad cannot touch the tators and gravy. If they touch, I don't eat them.

Alex 3- He loves loves pot roast and veggies. He could eat it for every meal if I let him. His legs kick in excitement whenever he sees me getting him food from the crock pot. I have made a roast a week just to please him.

Mom 4- Dirty dishes in a sink of water make me sick. I can have a 100 dirty plates separately sitting on my counter and be fine but put dirty plates stacked in a sink of dish water and I hurl. If Jason stacks the dishes, he must do them. I can't bear to reach my hand in and dish them out... just thinking of it makes me sick.

Alex 4- He has a thing for girls even at age one. He picks the little girls out of a crowd and knows how to flirt. A few weeks ago we were out to eat and Jason put his hand in front of Alex's face to block his view so he would quit staring at this family of three little girls. He learned to look around the hand and finally got mad and moved it out of his view. What a boy!

Mom 5- I have horrible motion sickness. Talking about, seeing or being on any fair rides makes me sick. It has gotten so bad that just pushing Alex in the swing can get to me.

Alex 5-He loves to share. This strange because most kids don't. For now he loves to share his binkies, food, toys whatever. He's a sweetheart!

Mom 6-I get a high from public speaking. The bigger the crowd the better. I could be pulled from a church congregation to speak and love it. Strange thing I hate meeting people for the first time one on one or demoing stamping... go figure. Most people's top fear is my nature high and landed me a full ride scholarship in speech and debate in college. Do you need me to speak somewhere?

Alex 6- His hair turns heads. It doesn't matter where we go we are constantly stopped by people, old and young telling us not just that Alex is cute but the number one comment... I love the hair! Some might find it a bit wild but Mom loves it and that's all that matters, right?

I tag-Jesica, Hayley, Janea, Niki, Mollie, Elicia, Both Emily's ( a few more the six I know)

Here are a few pictures from last night. Gotta love a man in his robe.

Mommy attacking Alex with kisses, it's the norm around here

Not a fan of hats or hoodies, I love torturing him to try

and get them off his head, mean mom


Mollie said...

He definitely should have won the contest! What were the judges thinking?

So, I'll think about my random six facts and post sometime in the next few weeks! (wink)

Janea said...

Yeah, I will post eventually too..may be awhile. :) Alex is so cute! I STILL haven't seen him in "real" life. He makes me smile tho. THanks for sharing your cookie dough the other night. It was to DIE for!

Nat and Robby said...

You've inspired us Shar. We started our blog today.. (wish me luck)

Nat and Robby said...

I need all the help I can get! And we'd love to have you at a game! They are seriously every Monday and Wednesday, just let me know when you are availabe. Beth's nephew is on our team too.

Schiess Clan said...


How are you? it is Lindsay, Larry's daughter. I hope you are doing well. Your blog is so cute and your little guy is a doll. I just started a blog, but it is private... I think if I get your e-mail I can send you a link? ( I seriously don't know what I am doing!) My e-mail is
I look forward to being in touch with you!

Elicia said...

I saw Alex's pics and seriously can't believe it! He is so cute!
I will have to think about 6 random facts...I am pretty boring!

Stantons said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Late. We'll have to treat each other for our birthdays sometime soon. HAHA!

I hope your day was great!

p.s. I can never get those darn word verifications right. Let's try again...

Brenda Keenan said...

Hi Shari :-) I can't find your email address so I hope it's OK to post here :-) I'm thinking of pricing the On Board Class at $25. It would include 3 of the Chipboard pieces (a package contains 4), 1/2 package of a Simply Scrappin' Kit and eyelets and ribbon. It's about $15 in product and $10 for the class. I probably should charge more but I don't think I would get as many sign-ups, what do you think?

Brenda K