Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Draper Temple

As many of your know the view from our house is pretty incredible. Over the past month or so it's become breath taking. This is because we can see the new Draper Temple from our house. I thought it would be a great opportunity as a family to go to the open house before the dedication of the temple next month. I started making calls and before long we had a group of 15 of my family members excited to go.
Yesterday we met at my house and carpooled up to the temple. We parked right out front so that we could get my Aunt Pat a wheelchair. As a family we were able to walk around and view the inside of the temple. It was incredible!! After the tour we went to Rock Creek Pizza for dinner. It was a such a nice day to spend with my family in such a beautiful place. I feel so blessed! If you live nearby I would highly recommend getting tickets before it's too late. Here are some pictures of my rooms. I searched online for all of these pictures since cameras aren't allowed inside the temple. Enjoy!

The largest of the sealing rooms were marriages take place. Looking into the mirrors for eternity is my favorite part.

Don't you love the detail on these windows?

Draper Temple during the day

Draper Temple at night

The ceiling inside of the celestial room, stunning!

The celestial room, the chandler alone had me giddy, it was gorgeous!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alex has 3 months to go before he turns two... EEK!! My baby is growing up so fast. Today I thought I would share a few fun videos taken off of Daddy's phone. Could he get any cuter honestly?

Corndog... taken a few months ago

He decided Grandma's corndog didn't look too shabby and helped himself to the whole thing.

So much for a snack while shopping, sorry Grandma

We went out for family night with some friends to Leatherby's.

This was supposed to be Daddy's shake.

Shake... a few weeks ago

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I just wanted to take a minute to tell my Best Friend and Sweetheart Jason just how much I love him.

Although today is a great day I can't say it's much different than any other day. Luckily I don't have to wait until Valentine's each year to know just how much I am loved. Jason is wonderful at showing and telling me each and every day. Here are just a few things I love about him.

He is an amazing provider so that I am able to stay home to raise our son.

He is truly my Best Friend and is there for me whenever I need him.

He believes in me when I do not believe in myself. Sadly this can sometimes be a full time job!

He helps with the housework. We decided early on in our marriage it wasn't going to be his chore or her chore. It's our house and we work together to get things done. No hubby to do lists here, he just seems it needs to be done and does it.

He supports me in whatever I want to do. He puts up with my crazy stamping habit and helps me out so I can teach classes in my home. Whether is watching Alex, setting up tables, cleaning or making the goodies I can always rely on him.

I love that we share our days with each other. There is something so wonderful about knowing you have someone to share your highs and your lows with.

I love how goofy he can be. I have many blackmail pictures of him being a dork. I love it! He always know how to make me laugh.

I love that he can cook and makes a mean meal.

I love how handsome he is and how I still get butterflies when I see him across the room.
He is an incredible father!! Hands down I could not ask for a better Daddy for my son.
I could go on and on about how great he is but I hope he already knows it.
I love you Jason... SYFAE Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Always a Ham

It's snowing, I'm sick and am trying to get prepped for my upcoming Stampin' UP! classes. It's not been the greatest day until Irecieved a few e-mails from my Aunt Sheila. It's crazy how a few old pictures can bring a smile to your face and make you giggle until your sides hurt. Those who know me best have heard I was quite the ham as a child and loved to be photographed or video taped. Here for a few fun pictures of me as a little girl. Thanks Aunt Sheila!

Me with my cousin Jesica goofing off, we had many fun times together.

Easter morning with my cousins Jesica and Spencer,
what is up with that pose and those shoes?

Just me... don't you love those eyes?

Monday, February 9, 2009

25 random things about me

Not much to blog about lately just busy spring cleaning, getting ready to eventually move as well as prepping for my upcoming Stampin' UP! classes. I did however decide while I was posting my random list on Facebook I might as well add it here. If you decide to do the same please let me know I would love to read your list.

Here are my 25 random or not so random things about me.

1-When I was little my dream was to be a teacher or ice cream LADY when I grew up.

2-I refuse to see a movie without popcorn regardless of how full I am off of dinner. Usually the choice of a theatre will be decided by how good their popcorn is.

3-I lost both my father and brother before my tenth birthday.

4-I HATE DOGS!!! I have been terrified of them since I was a baby.

5-I love bread, good chocolate and Diet Coke and could live off those alone I would however be happy to live without candy with no hesitation.

6-I read the obituaries daily… I am kind of obsessed with death I suppose probably due to number 3.

7-I love public speaking and had a full ride scholarship in college for it.

8-I am shy and hate stamping in front of others especially demoing products, I know it does not seem to mix well with number 7.

9- I love my unique name but hate when it’s misspelled or mispronounced. There is an E on the end people its Shar…. E. Aggg some other people’s children. =)

10- I have a difficult time filling out a form in order. For example paying bills this morning I would write February, then my name, then back to the 9, then down to the total, then up to the person it goes to. How annoying I know but I can’t stop.

11-I play the piano and the violin and can’t wait to own a piano of my own one day.

12- I love dates and remember many of them whether it’s a birthday of an old friend or the day I got engaged, had my first kiss with Jason etc… I love dates.

13-I like writing out To Do lists and crossing things off. If I do something that wasn’t on my list, then I add it and cross it off. My friend Natalie always knows that Mondays are my large to do list days so don’t ask me to play.

14-As my friend Haylee put it so well… I am also addicted to the Internet (blogging, email, facebook). I can't go more than a few hours without feeling this overwhelming need to check all three "just in case" I have a message or a new post to read. I also check it in the same order each time....slightly OCD. I was scolded by my old boss and co-workers for checking my work e-mail account from home. I just had to though.

15-I miss clogging from my youth and would love to get back into a clogging group.

16-I love impromptu speaking and often have dreams of being called up on stage out of the audience by Shelly Gardner to speak at convention. WOW wouldn’t that be a dream come true. I also love speaking in church. It’s better if I have little time to prepare.

17- I love to cook and bake. Really I love anything to do with food but creating something in the kitchen really makes me happy.

18-If I could add two talents to my list it would be Gymnastics and Cake decorating. I guess I’ll keep dreaming.

19-I met my hubby online and couldn’t be happier. Probably doesn’t shock you after reading number 14.

20-I am closer to my niece in age then I am to my sister. Call me Great Aunt Sharie… crazy huh? Yup my niece has a daughter.

21- I have never been to Hawaii or on a cruise but dream of going one day.

22-I have to have all of my empty hangers at the end of the closet and go crazy if they aren’t. Lucky my husband has finally figured this one out.

23- I have never smoked or drank unless you call the sip of alcohol I was accidentally served at a restaurant once. I guess having a history in my family of health problems due the two have leered me away from ever adding them to my list of addictions (DT and Chocolate).

24- I am a hopeless romantic in all aspects.

25- I cherish my friendships and love to do little things to make my friends smile whether it’s making them a gift or offering a sincere compliment. I have amazing beautiful friends, I feel so blessed!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kids say the darnest things or wait is that me?

It's the little things in life I love to remember. So I was talking to Jason a few days ago about some of the strange things I say. Not wanting to forgot them I thought I record a few.

While dating Jason we were watching a movie one night. It was a getting a bit late and I was tired when I muttered...

" When you say goodbye to me with q-tips it makes me sad."

Just as soon as I finished my sentence I asked him if I had said what I thought I had said. His response was Yes, I think it's time for me to go.

"I'm making pice and rasta tonight for dinner." This is what I told Natalie S. at work one day when explaining the type of Rice a Roni I was going to make. I was pregnant and a bit crazy so I often mixed my letters up. She still teases me for it.

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for bed and grabbed the chapstick off my nightstand. As I put it on my lips I knew something was a tad bit different.

" This chapstick is the same only different" I told Jason. Wow was his response ya that makes a lot of sense.

So it was strawberry instead of cherry... you totally understand what I was saying, right? We all know that kids say the darnest things but what about you? Am I the only one who's lights are are but no one's home?

On a side note Alex's two teeth are making their way in and life is looking a bit brighter around here.