Tuesday, October 30, 2007


You never realize just how important sleep is until you don't get any. I personally have always been a sleeper. My Mom says I slept through the night on my very first night home from the hospital. I think I have been that way ever since. As a kid my mom said she always knew if I was sick because that is the only reason I would be up in the middle of the night. As a teenager I loved to stay up late reading a book, talking on the phone or chatting on the computer. I would than get to bed late and sleep in until 10ish if my Mom would let me.

Being pregnant I could never get enough sleep. I always seemed to be tired. Many nights I would eat dinner and than fall asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. Often Jason would wake me up only to tell me it was time for bed. He would have dinner put away, the kitchen cleaned and often my side of the bed all toasty warm for me. What a good hubby!! I remember telling people how tired I was. They would always say get some sleep while you can, once that baby gets here you will sleep no more. Ya right I thought!!

Oh boy were they right!!! I have never had so many sleepless nights. Comcast on demand has become a real lifesaver for late night feedings. I also have the greatest hubby ever who gets up with me at night to take care of Alex. It's become family time. I cherish the nights of chatting with Jas, snacking, watching TV, nursing one of my boys while listening to the other one snoring on me or scratching Jason's back while he puts Alex back to sleep. I know most women have the nighttime feedings by themselves. I am very lucky to have such a great husband.

Anyway as for sleep or lack there of I have been so sleep deprived since Alex was born that would wake up nightly thinking Alex was in our bed. One night I bounced my pillow as I went downstairs to get Alex. I stopped myself on the stairs wondering why I was going to get Alex if he was in my arms. Then I realized it was my pillow. Many nights I have woke Jason asking him to take Alex out of our bed. Let's just say he hasn't appreciated it.

Good news I think that time has passed. Not only have I slept great, not woken Jason up nightly thinking Alex was in our bed but I have actually been so asleep I have started dreaming again. No Alex has not slept through the night since Thursday but 7 hours in a row is pretty close and good enough for me. Last night was 7 and then 3 1/2 so I think we will shoot for that again tonight. Alex is such a happier baby when he has had enough rest.

So you might ask what has changed. Honestly I think some of it is time, him getting older and secondly we have began feeding him oatmeal before bed. I think this helps keep him fuller longer. At least it seems to be doing the trick so we will keep it up. Now as for the napping in his crib well, we are still working on it.
Here are some pictures of Alex's room for those of you who haven't seen it. These were taken before he was born so it doesn't have his rocker or a few of the pictures hung up but overall this is how it looks now. I apologize that the colors are a little off. The orangeish color is actually SU! Real Red and his walls are SU! Certainly Celery ( my favorite color)

Alex's crib

Alex's changing table and bookcase that Jason painted SU! Real Red ( Now there are wall hangings over his changing table that match his bedspread)

His name over his crib ( I have an obsession with names in print, I think because of my unique name)

Last but not least we gave in and bought bug a Jumparoo this weekend. He loves it, and I love it because it keeps him entertained. He is still pretty little so he has plenty of room to grow into it. Yes my front room is all baby, at least that is what my MIL says.

Just hanging out in my Jungle Jumparoo

Don't you love the permagrin?

Tomorrow is Halloween, Alex is going to be monkey. I plan on taking him into work to show him off to all of my old co-workers. I promise to post some pictures of my little monkey later this week. Happy Halloween Eve!

Friday, October 26, 2007

What's higher than the rafters?

So Alex took an hour nap yesterday in his crib, not bad to start with. We will be trying again today. Now for the biggie..... He slept through the night. We put him down around 10:30. He whimpered at 1 and we waited a bit but it sounded as though he was up for a feeding. When Jason when to get him he noticed that even though he was crying his eyes were still closed. He attempted ( as he has before) to get him to go back to sleep with his music mobile. Within minutes he was back to sleep. Jason said he cried again at 3 but if he did it wasn't for long because I didn't hear him. At 8:15 this morning he decided to get up. I haven't had this much sleep in months, it's awesome!! I did make Jason check on him this morning because I was too chicken to. Now if I can only get him to nap again in his crib we will be set.

It's going to be a wonderful day, I can just feel it in my rested body. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jumping from the rafters

So for weeks I have been trying daily to get Alex to nap in his crib. It didn't matter what I tried it wasn't happening. I could put him down awake, drowsy or asleep and he would be up. Our Dr. said he really needs to be napping in his crib but I just couldn't get him to do it. Well breakthrough, as we speak he is napping in his crib. I want to scream but won't for fear of waking him. Maybe a little later I will try to snap a picture, both of his arms are over his head, it's so precious.

He has a few new tricks as well. He has learned to smack his lips. He pulls in his top lip the most. I hope to catch it on film soon. He has discovered his hands too. Well in more depth I should say. His latest is to hold his hand up in the air and move it back and forth staring contently. It's so cute. He also loves when we count to 3 and help him jump. I really think we need to buy him a jumparoo.

Cross your fingers for me that he naps for awhile and will continue to do so. Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Good Day

It's always a good day when your son allows you to sleep in late and you wake to him talking in his crib. The two of us spent the day cleaning, cooking, stamping, nursing, prepping for my upcoming Holiday SAS class and napping of course. I laid on the couch cuddling with Alex in my arms, thinking this is life.

Here is a picture from a few months ago. He loves to sleep with his hand on his head or over his head.

It was also a good day because I sent out an e-mail last night to some of my friends I have made through my previous job at Stampin' UP! I wanted to say hello and send them the link to my blog. I heard back from a handful of them today. It sure put a smile on my face. It's amazing to think of the many friendships I have made through being a SAM. When I took that position I expected to go into it changing the lives of my SAMees instead they changed mine. It was a very hard decision to quit work and stay home however my girls encouraged me to do so. Many of them moms themselves they told me I would not regret my decision. I have to say I don't however I do miss them. It was great to hear from them today. It's crazy how a simple e-mail can bring such a smile to my face. Thanks girls!

Well off to spend the rest of the evening with my sweet hubby. He is currently cuddling with Alex so I can have a much needed break. Although overall it was a great day Alex got super grumpy late afternoon and I was ready to hand him over to him dad when he got home. A few hours out of a perfect day isn't too shabby. Now if only he will sleep well again tonight. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crazy Week

Sorry I haven't posted all week I have been very busy. East Canyon was a very nice vacation with family. We spent the rest of Sunday eating b-day cake, swimming, hot tubbing and playing lots of outdoor games. Our family left Sunday night and we slept one more night up there. Okay so slept is probably the wrong word to use since Alex kept us up most of the night. Anyway we packed up Monday morning and stopped at Red Lobster for lunch ( I love seafood) before heading home. Jason took Monday and Tuesday off work just to hang out and spend some time as a family, it was very nice. I mentioned earlier that we had purchased a new camera. It arrived on Monday so we have been busy taking photos of Alex. I will be sure to include some today.

It was also a big week for Alex, he learned to roll over all by himself from his back to his front. He has been attempting it for weeks not but just couldn't quite get there by himself. It was funny because Jason was playing around with the video feature on our camera and was able to get Alex rolling over for the first time. Since then he has done it a few times usually when he is left on the floor for a split second, we come back in the room and he is on his tummy. He seems to be growing up so fast.

Friday I went to lunch with a bunch of girls from my old work (SU). We met at Rumbi Grill. As always it was good to see them. I really miss that part of work. I have made a lot of great friends from there. After lunch I decided to take Alex into work to visit. I haven't been in with him since he was about a month old. He was such a happy baby being passed around to everyone. Saturday I had my brag book class here at the house while Jason took Alex to Cabelias (sorry for the spelling, I can't think of hw to spell it right now) to hang out. All and all it was a crazy, busy week around here.

Here are a few fun pictures from this week.

Alex enjoying his cereal, he started on oatmeal and bananas this week, he loved it.

Alex after rolling over on his play mat, gotta love the drool.

Say Cheese!

Just hanging in his bumbo

Alex loves playing on his mat and talking to himself in the mirror.

Just playing!

I love him in this outfit from the Pews

Alex and his buddy hanging out while Mom cleans.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello from East Canyon

Just a quick hello from Larry's laptop up in East Canyon. It's crazy how far technology has come that you can be in the mountains sitting on a couch and still be on a computer. Overall it's been a great weekend full of food, family, swimming, shopping, games and fun.

Friday night we had dinner, swam, watched movies and played games. Saturday we got up and had a yummy breakfast then we laid around for a bit before getting ready to go to Park City. Just before we headed out the door Shae ( my little niece) started screaming and crying frantically. We had no clue why. A wasp had flown down and landed in Hilary's hair, as she swatted it out it landed on Shae and stung her in the neck. Luckily I had Alex's teething gel on hand which numbed it pretty good. After the wasp incident we headed to Park City and hit the outlet malls. I got a few things for Alex including a cute little monkey suit for Halloween. I also got an outfit for me and one for Jas. Alex was really good and enjoyed being carried around in his carrier on Jason. After shopping we went for pizza at Red Banjo Pizza, yummy!! We stopped by Albertsons to pick up a cake mix to make for Morgan (my niece from ID)for her b-day which is actually next month. We thought we would celebrate early since we won't be with her on her b-day. Then we headed back to East Canyon after an hour of getting lost. Luckily we were able to call my BIL Mike who knew where he was going. Then we came home and played more games, went swimming, hot tubbing and ate lots of goodies. The girls were nice enough to watch bug so that Jas and I could get away for a while. We were gone about an hour hot tubbing, swimming and hanging out in the sauna. It was nice to just be with Jas for a bit. It sure makes a difference. By 11:00 pm all was peaceful at least for a few hours until bug rose for his nightly feeding. I can't complain too much because with a new surrounding, strange bed and lots of craziness he has really been an angel.

Sunday we got up and had mom's yummy homemade biscuits for breakfast. It's about noon now and people are finishing getting ready and off to play games, swim, nap and go for walks. I think I will sign off for now and take a walk with Jas. It's a beautiful fall day up here. Have a fabulous Sunday!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Birthday, Another year older!

Well life is busy around our house today. I have been busy packing to go out of town for the weekend. My in-laws have been nice enough to let us use their timeshare in East Canyon ( near Park City). We are going up there with my sister's family and my mom and Larry. It should be a good weekend! I finally understand why my sister always seemed to pack the kitchen sink when coming to visit. Packing for Alex is a whole lot of work!!!

Before we leave for the weekend I wanted to wish my Buva Buva Brandon a very happy birthday. He is ohhh 30 something today October 12th. I won't give his full age as he is getting old. =) The older he gets the more he looks like my dad, it's a little creepy. He married his sweetheart in July, man I wish my dad could have been there. I know he was in spirit though. It was a beautiful wedding.

I have many memories of Brandon and I have to say some not so good. I remember crying when I smelt my mom putting on perfume at night. I knew this meant I was being left with Brandon who was bound to tease and torture me somehow. Whether it was holding me down to tickle me or threaten to spit on me or making fun of me talking to myself as I played school. He was always having fun teasing me. As we got older he teased me less and we got along more. I remember one of his friends saying to me oh so you are the little sister he is so proud of. I guess I never realized what I really meant to him until that day. Now living across the country from him I really miss not having all of my family together. Hopefully in time we will talk him into moving back home.

My bro on a fishing trip, He really looks like my dad in this picture.

Posing for the camera at my wedding a few years back (one good looking dude).

Brandon, his wife Susannah and the boys (they may be dogs but he acts like their his kids) and sorry I don't remember their names (bad aunt).

Brandon-I hope with Dad being gone you can fill in and take Alex fishing. You and dad are so much alike I hope he will be able to learn more about dad through you. Have a very Happy Birthday! Love your little Sis Shar-Bar

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

So today October 10th, 2007 my father would be 62 yrs old. Happy Birthday Dad! I can't believe that it's been 17 yrs since he passed away. Part of me feels like it's been forever and the other part feels like it was only yesterday. I wonder what life would be like if he were here today. Would he look as old as his friends do? To me he will always be the young handsome dad. I don't think he would have liked growing old.

It's been quite the year for us kids. Kim going back to school to be a nurse, Brandon getting hitched and me giving birth. WOWZERS!!! I feel like he has been here through it all. Whether it's helping Kim through a test, feeling his spirit at the wedding or sending my little guy down to me. I often feel him close! Just last night I was sitting on the porch with Alex getting some fresh air while we waited for Jason to come home. It was a beautiful peaceful day with a little breeze. I looked up and saw a dragonfly go by. Just a single one flying through the air. Of course I thought of Dad. It seems like whenever I need a little hello he comes to me or at least that is what I believe.

Aren't they amazing creatures

For those of you that don't know we choose to take my dad's name as Alex's middle name so he is named after both of his grandpas. Alex ( after grandpa Al OwYoung) and Roger after my dad. I hope that I can teach him all about his grandpa. It's amazing all the memories I have even though I was only 10 when he passed away.

Don't you think Grandpa Roger would be proud of this little bug?

Pictures of my papa ( Thanks Bro)

Happy Birthday Dad, your memory lives on and will continue to live on through your children and grandchildren. I love you!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where did I come from?

I guess it's only appropriate that I start from the beginning. It was spring break of 2000 and I was surfing the web at my mom's house. I was just bored and wanted to chat. I had no interest in meeting anymore guys online. Everything changed when Jason messaged me on ICQ. We beginning chatting on a Monday by Tuesday we had talked on the phone and by the early morning hours of Thursday March 17 (St. Patty's Day) we had met in person.

I remember him wanting to meet me in person before I went back to school at Snow. He sounded like the perfect guy so I knew it was too good to be true. I thought he would take one look at me and run the other direction. I finally gave in and decided to meet in person. I remember the rain coming down as he stepped from his Jeep in the dark. He came up to the porch and gave me a big strong hug. Let's just say the rest is history!!

We were engaged November 16, 2002 and married the following year May 9, 2003.

This is a picture of us in Las Vegas shortly after getting engaged!

This is one of our engagement photos

It's been a wonder 4+ years of marriage. We always knew we wanted kids but wanted to spend some time alone together before starting a family. We decided that we will get off birth control and start trying in June of 2006. It didn't take long before I got pregnant. From Father's day to August 15ish. I think we were expecting it to take a little longer. I was getting ready for our trip to CA for a friend's wedding. I went shopping for clothes and was very depressed when nothing seemed to fit. I suspected that I might be pregnant but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I took a test with me on our trip in case. We had a great time in California however I just didn't seem to feel like myself. My skin broke out, I was extremely tired and constantly had to pee. Anyone who knows me is aware that I can usually go twice in one day and call it good. This trip was different. In fact before we even arrived in CA Jason almost lost his life because he couldn't get me to a potty fast enough. I asked him to take the next exit which he did but then he proceeded to get right back on the freeway on accident of course. I thought I would have to pee in the car. I suspected the whole trip I might be pregnant but when I would mention it to Jason he thought I was just getting my hopes up. In Vegas on our way back home I put on my everyday jeans to find that they would not do up. Now my weight does go up and down and bit but nothing like this. I was so close to taking the test but chicken out.

A picture taken in CA at our friends Howie and Heidi's wedding.

We returned to Utah and I planned on meeting my cousins Jesica and Heather for brunch the next day while Jes was in town from CA. I mentioned to them that I may be pregnant and they made me promise to take a test that afternoon. I waited most of the day because I knew if it was positive I would not be able to keep it from Jas. I remember a commercial break coming on Oprah so I ran to the bathroom to get it over with. Here is what happened.

It's official!

I called my cousin Heather screaming like a little girl, she just laughed. That night I went to the store to get a jumbo jar of pickles and a baby balloon to go with the dinner I made for Jas. I had always told him that if he ever found me eating pickles it had to be because I am pregnant ( I hate pickles more than anything).

I remember hiding in the kitchen when I heard Jason open the front door. He yelled "Honey, I'm home" no reply "Honey I'm home" again no reply. I then heard him utter under his breath doesn't anyone care that I'm home. I peeked around the corner to see him staring at the kitchen table set for dinner complete with the jumbo pickle jar and baby balloon. He just stared as though he was in shock. I came out from hiding and all he could say was " Are you serious?". I said I sure am. I remember dinner well that night talking about the future and what it would be like. I think we were both in some sort of shock however we were both thrilled at the idea of bringing a baby into our family.

Although Alex can be a handful at times he is our whole life now. We love you bug-a-boo!

A family photo taken in June 2007 by our good friend Jamee

From the Start

I guess it's time to join the blog train. It seems like everyone has a blog but me. I never thought I needed one because what would I post about? Being a SAHM now I have plenty to write about. I thought this would be a great way to record Alex's firsts and share them with family and friends. Wish me luck!