Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello from East Canyon

Just a quick hello from Larry's laptop up in East Canyon. It's crazy how far technology has come that you can be in the mountains sitting on a couch and still be on a computer. Overall it's been a great weekend full of food, family, swimming, shopping, games and fun.

Friday night we had dinner, swam, watched movies and played games. Saturday we got up and had a yummy breakfast then we laid around for a bit before getting ready to go to Park City. Just before we headed out the door Shae ( my little niece) started screaming and crying frantically. We had no clue why. A wasp had flown down and landed in Hilary's hair, as she swatted it out it landed on Shae and stung her in the neck. Luckily I had Alex's teething gel on hand which numbed it pretty good. After the wasp incident we headed to Park City and hit the outlet malls. I got a few things for Alex including a cute little monkey suit for Halloween. I also got an outfit for me and one for Jas. Alex was really good and enjoyed being carried around in his carrier on Jason. After shopping we went for pizza at Red Banjo Pizza, yummy!! We stopped by Albertsons to pick up a cake mix to make for Morgan (my niece from ID)for her b-day which is actually next month. We thought we would celebrate early since we won't be with her on her b-day. Then we headed back to East Canyon after an hour of getting lost. Luckily we were able to call my BIL Mike who knew where he was going. Then we came home and played more games, went swimming, hot tubbing and ate lots of goodies. The girls were nice enough to watch bug so that Jas and I could get away for a while. We were gone about an hour hot tubbing, swimming and hanging out in the sauna. It was nice to just be with Jas for a bit. It sure makes a difference. By 11:00 pm all was peaceful at least for a few hours until bug rose for his nightly feeding. I can't complain too much because with a new surrounding, strange bed and lots of craziness he has really been an angel.

Sunday we got up and had mom's yummy homemade biscuits for breakfast. It's about noon now and people are finishing getting ready and off to play games, swim, nap and go for walks. I think I will sign off for now and take a walk with Jas. It's a beautiful fall day up here. Have a fabulous Sunday!


Mollie said...

Oh Shar, I think I need a vacation! You're post made me really, really, really jealous:o) I'm glad you're having (had) a good time.