Monday, February 28, 2011

10 months old

Wow, where has time gone? My baby turned 10 months old yesterday. She has been such a joy to have in our lives. She may be little but she is big in the personality department.

She loves to cuddle while sucking her thumb.

She loves her pink polka dot blankie her Grandma made her.

She enjoys playing with her toys but especially loves when she get ahold of her brother's toys.

She love magazines and can often be found on top of the magazine holder or ripping up a magazine.

She loves to eat. People are surprised at just how much she eats since she is on the extreme petite side.
She loves to pull herself up to anything and everything. If she can stand she will. I have a feeling she will be walking before long.
She loves doorstops and smiles when she knows she's in trouble for pulling the knob off of them.
She loves her Daddy and grins from ear to ear when he gets home from work.
She loves when her Brother hangs out in her crib with her.
Here's a few pictures from yesterday. Aunt Alanna gave Lily a GC to build a bear for Christmas. Shae had made one for Alex using his GC when he was a baby so we thought Alex should make this one for Lily. It was a fun way to spend the day together as a family. I had to laugh though because as Alex got the pink bear stuffed a lady asked me if the bear was for him. She thought I was such a good parent for allowing him to have a pink bear if that's what he wanted. People!!
Lily trying out her Bear's sunglasses
She loved hearing Sunny giggle. So cute!
Chilling with Sunny before bedtime
Sunny is ready for swimming but is missing her hot pink purse

10 months.... how time flies! Love you Lily Cakes!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bathtime and Super Grover

Lily is growing up way too fast. Although she will be 10 months at the end of the week she is still super little and therefor still my baby. In the past few days she has mastered the art of pulling herself up. I was running her bath water last night and she wanted to watch. This morning she started up the stairs. I'm so not ready for all of this.

Don't you love how she is on her tip toes?

Nothing is better than a freshly bathed baby smothered in lotion. After a very long stressful day I held my Lily on the couch while she feel asleep sipping her bottle. Both kids were asleep by 7:30 and I got to sleep in until 8:00 this morning, FABULOUS!
After naughty Alex spent the day at our place yesterday I am happy to report nice Alex is here to visit today. I hope he decides to stick around for a bit. This morning he was busy being Super Grover.

Silly face

And today's blog post has been brought to you by the letter G as in Super GROVER!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dad had a three day weekend. Mom was sick! The kids kept busy being goofs while we laid low most of the weekend. Lily is pulling herself up to furniture and I know it will only be a matter of time before she is walking. She enjoyed a ride in the laundry basket from Dad and when she was done she just tipped it over and climbed out. Miss Independent!

Alex was excited to show me a new song he learned from the Wiggles. It was adorable at first but quickly the cuteness wore off.

We did get out to do a few much needed errands and after multiple reschedules made it to dinner on Monday to celebrate Grandma OwYoung's birthday which is tomorrow.

Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been a busy week for me trying to get ready for a large Stampin' UP! class I had last night. Alex has kept busy in his playroom doing puzzles while I prepped.

I told him I wanted to take a picture and he only with my sad face because the puzzle isn't done yet Mom.

That's one sad face don't you think?

The after picture of the done puzzle. He insisted I wait until he got his baby to take a picture with.

Meet Cheston my favorite "real" baby boy doll from when I was little. Alex has a love/hate relationship with him. He either likes to carry him around like his baby when I have Lily or he kicks it or drags it by the arm.

Alex working on his massive Dino puzzle

"Hold on Mom, I got to put Cheston at his spot."

Silly face

And another silly face
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend. I am looking forward to laying low with the family. Haven't felt so well so Jason's three day weekend is sounding terrific!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So we took a friend out to lunch today for her birthday. We went to my all time favorite bakery Haggerman's to eat. This morning getting ready was a bit of a struggle at our house. I told Alex no less than 30 times to go get his teeth brushed and his clothes on. After much fighting, threatening, crying etc. we made it to lunch.
After we got home I found that the wreath from our door had blown off. I commented to Alex that it was missing. After putting Lily down for a nap I hear Alex say oh no I'm missing something. He walked around asking where it was, who took it etc. I assumed he was just copying me about the wreath. I asked "What are you missing?" He came over and showed me, no undies. Yup in the mist of our crazy morning he had gotten dressed in his jeans without putting his undies on first.
Lunch commando style, you should give it a try.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Been busy and need to play catch up. For now wanted to journal a few things.

Lily has slept through the night for the past 3 nights. Hooray!! Nothing feels better than getting as full night's sleep. I love it!

Alex has been cracking us up lately. Here are just of few of the things he has done/said lately that I want to remember.

The other day he told he had a problem, when I asked what it was he said "Mom, I have allot of problems." I laughed!

He has been into playing pretend lately. The other day we had to put on our imaginary hats so that the dinosaurs who were in our front room wouldn't see us. Alex was nice enough to get bananas out of the pantry and put them in the front room in case they got hungry.

He is always saying I'm joking Mom, or just kidding Mom. The one day he was walking around saying Ho, Ho, Ho. I proceeded to pretend I thought he was Santa. "Mom, it's just me I'm just kidding." What a jokester!

Another time I was upstairs getting Lily ready when I came down to find him eating a snack. We keep a child lock on our pantry for this very reason. I thought I had made sure the door was shut before leaving him alone. Sure enough it was shut in fact it was still shut just missing the lock. When I asked Alex what happened to the lock he grabbed it from a drawer saying" I needed a snack so I took it off." Then he proceeded to show me how he used a plastic kid's knife to pop off the lock. So much for that idea now.

Alex loves to fix stuff. He will go around with his gloves, tool box and belt playing Handy Manny. You will often find him fixing chairs, cracks he thinks he finds in the walls and best yet the crack he found on his Dad's butt last week. I was dying of laughter!