Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy as a Bee

So much to catch up on. My Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's day, the zoo, Alex's birthday party, his birthday and his first official sick visit to the DR. With memorial day this weekend I usually do a post on that as well. As you can tell our family has been super busy lately. I wanted to get the ball rolling by posting a quick memorial day thought.

This time of year is always difficult with my father's death day only a week before my birthday and then of course memorial day around the corner. Now that Alex is here I miss Dad even more. I thought allot about him while we were prepping for Alex's birthday party. We had a big birthday party at the park with family. I was over alone with Alex on the playground before the party began. I looked up to see a single dragonfly flying past me and over to Alex. "Hi Dad, glad you could make it" I said out loud.

What a great party! Hope to catch up soon. For now I need to finishing prepping for my class tomorrow. Have a terrific holiday weekend and remember to so something fun in memory of your loved ones who have passed on. Enjoy a few more pictures of my 2 year old at his recent photo shoot.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I awoke to this...

You know it's a bad morning when you still have a migraine after dealing with one all night. You go to get your son and find this....

I spared you the worst part of it. Not only was he standing naked in his crib but he was trying to get away from a pile of crap and a little trail to a pee puddle. Of course we had just changed his sheets and had no clean ones to put on his bed. Welcome to motherhood!
p.s. Did I mention the day before I left him unsupervised for literally a minute and came back to find a crayon mural on my wall. Welcome to the terrible twos!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Do they come any cuter?

Just a few fun pictures to share from a recent photo shoot. Gotta love my baby!

Want to see more.. just let me know. =)