Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy as a Bee

So much to catch up on. My Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's day, the zoo, Alex's birthday party, his birthday and his first official sick visit to the DR. With memorial day this weekend I usually do a post on that as well. As you can tell our family has been super busy lately. I wanted to get the ball rolling by posting a quick memorial day thought.

This time of year is always difficult with my father's death day only a week before my birthday and then of course memorial day around the corner. Now that Alex is here I miss Dad even more. I thought allot about him while we were prepping for Alex's birthday party. We had a big birthday party at the park with family. I was over alone with Alex on the playground before the party began. I looked up to see a single dragonfly flying past me and over to Alex. "Hi Dad, glad you could make it" I said out loud.

What a great party! Hope to catch up soon. For now I need to finishing prepping for my class tomorrow. Have a terrific holiday weekend and remember to so something fun in memory of your loved ones who have passed on. Enjoy a few more pictures of my 2 year old at his recent photo shoot.


Natalie said...

Ahhhh I missed your birthday. Hope it was a good one. Glad things are going well. I miss you guys. Britt is in town so we need to get together. Happy Late Birthday!

Janea said...

Sorry I missed your b-day. Sounds like your weekend was full of fun. Cute pics of Alex.

Sami said...

No. Please don't tell me he is really two years old! How can time go by so fast?

I'm sorry I missed your birthday too. I hope it was awesome. I miss your sweet face!

Linda Lou said...


Your baby boy is beautiful! I had NO idea that you had gastric bypass surgery! You need to e-mail me and call. I'd love to talk with you. I'm sure I'm going to need some emotional support with someone who has been through it. My e-mail is I'll give you my phone over e-mail. Can't wait to talk! Love, Linda

Casey Broadhead said...

Hey Shar, You look great! Awesome to know you are a MOM! I hope all is well for you.
Your old BFF Casey
Email me!