Sunday, March 7, 2010

50 days to go... but who's counting?

Is it just me or is everyone slacking off a bit when it comes to updating their blogs. I used to be so good taking pictures everyday and staying caught up. I swore to be better but I haven't. My camera sits with no new pictures and therefor I don't feel the need to update my blog. Jason likes to look at it every now and then at work and commented that it's been forever. He thinks Facebook has taken it's place. I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with Facebook. It's fast, and I love how I can stay connected to people all over. I talk to my neighbors, friends, family, old classmates, old co-workers etc. It's such a simple and fast way to stay connected. Another reason I don't feel the need to update my blog is that I found most blogs I read are rarely updated as well. Perhaps Facebook really has become the new Blog or at least mine.

I did decided today that I would take a few minutes to do a quick update. It's been a busy winter settling into our new home and getting ready for our baby girl to make her appearance. I have 50 days to go or so my tracker tells me. I know however that it means nothing. Alex arrived a week late and was still stubborn when he did finally get pushed into coming. This pregnancy however has been different in every way, shape and form. I've had very different pregnancy symptoms. I've even had some pregnancy perks including better eyesight. I sleep better, feel better and overall am really enjoying being pregnant. I've kept a reasonable weight gain which I chalk up to the fact that one I am chasing after a toddler all day and two I am addicted to citrus and veggies. My biggest love is celery ( which I have always found useless and tasteless) and clementines. Don't get me wrong I still eat sweets, my talented baker neighbors will testify to that. I however usually opt for some veggies, citrus or protein over something sweet. Friday night we were at IKEA when I choose a celery packet and carrots with ranch while Jason went for the slice of cake. Sadly I am sure this will all change once she arrives. My love of the good stuff can't stay around forever right?

Alex was quite active but nothing like this little chicka. She is a mover and is resting so low I'm beginning to get a tad bit uncomfortable. I constantly feel her in my hips bones along with other unmentionable places. Last Wednesday I had the worst case of back labor and was beginning to get a tad bit worried. I even made Jas come home. It happened again last night. Although I don't want her to be a week late I also don't want her to make an appearance too early. I see my Dr on Tuesday so hopefully I'll be told it's all normal. I know contractions at this point are common however I had nothing like this with Alex. Again just hoping it's a sign that I will make better progress with her and she can arrive a bit early like say a week.

Just waiting on some pictures we are having framed and Alex's bed to arrive this week then we will get the nursery set up and I can share some pictures of her room. I feel so unprepared at this point but I know we are getting there slowly but surely. Signing off for now... prego, happy, grateful, in love and a tad bit crazy in Utah Shar p.s. Hope all is well with you. =)