Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our house has grown by two feet.....

and in April our home will also be growing by two little feet. Yup that's right We have finally moved in to our new home and our expecting our second child. Lucky for us our timing of three years between our children will be just about right. It will be a great 30th birthday present for me to welcome another baby into our home. I suspected I was pregnant our final week of packing and finally took a test. I wasn't too shocked when pregnant appeared within seconds but I think Jason was a bit thrown off. So far this pregnancy has been very different than my first. I have only thrown up once but am usually nauseous a good 20 hours of each day. SO FUN!!

We were able to share the great news with our family on moving day. I made signs to hang on each room of our new home to direct people as to where to put boxes. We gave a tour of our house before we started unloading and once we made it to the baby's room the sign read " Baby's Nursery coming soon April 2010". Everyone was thrilled! My nephew was so excited he had to make some calls to his sisters back home to share the news of his new cousin.
Our move went pretty smoothly thanks to the help of many family, friends and new neighbors. We were able to get moved and attend my cousin Christian's wedding all in the same day. It was a beautiful wedding and we are so lucky to have his new wife Jessi join our crazy family.

Life has been busy the past week settling in. We have been unpacking, waiting for service people and deliveries. We have hung out with our new neighbors, went to our pool and took many nightly walks around our neighborhood. Of course I have also been napping every chance I have but who's counting right?
It's been a crazy month full of drama but things seem to be slowing down a bit. I have had many requests to update my blog with pictures of our new home. Unfortunately my cable cord isn't hooked up and I haven't taken updated pictures of our house due to a sea of boxes, constant nauseous and being tired. I will however give you a sneak peak with a few pictures I already have downloaded from before we moved in. I thought they were of right before we moved in but unfortunately I see those pictures are still on my camera. If you are anxious to see more than it's the perfect excuse to come visit us. We are loving our new home but especially our new neighborhood. We were welcomed with open arms from many fabulous neighbors. In the past few days I have received homemade goodies including bread, cookies and some cookie bars. Might I add my neighbors are very good bakers. I hope to get back on the blog wagon. Sorry for the delay, hope life is treating everyone well. Come visit!
Front view ( before the yard was put in)
Back view ( before our fence was put in)
View from my master bedroom into our bonus room while I plan to put our new baby in for the first few months.
Dining room right off my Kitchen
View upstairs of our playroom loft. It's all open with no hallways we it's great to be able to keep track of Alex. All put one of our bedrooms are upstairs.

View of the Kitchen looking into our pantry. Some of my Kitchen is cut out of the picture but I promise to add more pictures once my cable is installed.