Friday, August 7, 2009

It's amazing how much difference a week can make

It's incredible how much one week can change everything. Last week I was so discouraged, our house had been on the market for a month with only one showing. This week our second showing has resulted in two houses under contract. If all goes smoothly we will be moving into this beauty by the beginning of September. I am so excited!!

Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly please. This buying and saleing process isn't so fun. It will be a busy month with packing, cleaning, moving and my cousin's wedding. As stressful as it may be I am excited for this new beginning for our little family. Want to come over? We plan to have lots of parties, the first being an Stampin' UP! card class, let me know if you are interested in coming.
While we were finalizing paperwork our realtor's son Bailey was nice enough to babysit Alex. It ended up being a long day with no nap. Here are the results, a first for Alex. A big thank you to all my friends/family who have been there for me this past month letting me vent and reassuring me that everything would work out. Love ya!