Thursday, February 28, 2008

Long and Lean

Long and Lean that's what our Dr. calls Alex. We took him to his 9 month well visit yesterday. He is now 29 inches tall (75%) and 17 lb 13 oz (10 %). He is healthy and on track developmentally. He had a polio shot and did very well. I was concerned that he wasn't eating enough since he is smaller than almost all of the babies I know. Now that he is officially weened it's been difficult to make sure he gets enough milk. I gave her a rundown of his diet and she said I am doing fine. Babies come in all sizes she reminded me. She also suggested some new finger foods to try. We gave him shredded cheese and chicken. He likes the cheese but isn't sure what he thinks of the chicken. Unfortunately I forgot the camera at home on the kitchen table so no pictures this time around.

Jason is feeling better however now I am the sick one. It's mainly in my chest but my ears have been clogged as well. Laying low and trying to get better. Hope you are having a great week.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Look who's crawling

What a weekend! Jas and I got to go see the bucket list on Saturday while my niece Jillian and her future hubby clay watched Alex. We also had Grandma OwYoung's birthday brunch at Mimi's Cafe. Jason has come down with a nasty cold ( he is NEVER sick) oh and the most exciting part of our weekend...

Look whos' crawling! Jill and Clay helped him along on Saturday

while we were out on our date.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sitting Duck

So I go in to check on Alex today who was being very quiet after making a ruckus at first when he woke up from his nap.

I slowly open the door to his room expecting to see his little head bopping up from the crib rail to see me.

Instead I find a sitting duck or Alex in his duck sleepers sitting in the corner of his crib. He had managed to get out of his swaddled blanked and move to the other side of his crib and sit up, a first for him. I grabbed my camera from the den and snapped these pictures. Alex was nice enough to smile for me. He gets cuter everyday, is that possible?

The binkey had to come out so he could smile for dad, don't mind his heat
zip thinger on his chin, not so cute!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Man I love this kid!

It's been a busy week!!

Sunday we had family dinner at my Mom's house. It was super yummy and as always good to see my family.

Alex hanging out with the women (his cousins) after family dinner.

sisters Jillian ( my oldest niece), Shae ( my youngest niece) and my baby Alex

Monday I spent the day with friends going to lunch and to the new hospital to see my good friend's new baby ( stinkin cute I might add). Of course Alex had to poop while we were out and it got on everything he was wearing including his socks. YUCK!!

Tuesday I had my nail appointment and dinner with Jason's best friend Brandon who was in town.

Today Alex and I went shopping at Target and then over to Osh Kosh to spend our $10.00 credit for a filled punch card. Boy was I furious to find out they have discontinued that program and would not except my card. I just filled it up at Christmas time and it states it's good until December of 2008. I will be calling their customer service line tomorrow for sure. Tonight Alex played in the laundry while Jason and I enjoyed a spaghetti dinner. He is so full of it lately getting into everything and attempting to crawl. He gave me a dozen wet kisses tonight. Man I love this kid!

Gotta love the grin and dad's boxers

Sometimes you find yourself stuck under a chair and just don't know what to do

The underwear bandit

Friday, February 15, 2008

9 months old

My baby is 9 months old today. I can't believe that he has been out of me as long as he was in me, it's crazy. Here are a few cute shots from his 9 month photo shoot today.

I call this his Asian smile when his little eyes squint, I love it! He does it for me all the time now.

I had a hard time getting him to smile because he kept wanting

to play with the blinds.
On a side note I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. Ours wasn't the greatest! One of Jason's good friends was fired from work and then on the way home Jason picked up Pei Wei for dinner and this happened:

Don't mind the dirty car, it was washed a week ago but we live in
Utah with crazy weather.

Nice close up of our dent and paint chip

Note to Pei Wei server dude: Watch where you are going when running back into the restaurant from your break or you might just run right into the back of someone's car and cause hundreds of dollars of damage. Yup the cheap estimate is $650.00 and if we get a new panel its $1,500.00 its crazy! Yes, you read that right he was running and slammed his body not his car into the back of my forester causing that pretty dent.

I did receive some beautiful flowers from Jas but otherwise you could say it wasn't the great Valentines we have had. Jason took today off and we did errands and made cookies tonight. It was nice having him home. Have a great weekend!

My camera died after taking this blurry photo so I will try to get a better one tomorrow.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day of love, a day full of snow too! Happy Valentine's Day! I feel very lucky to have two very special Valentines this year. Alex has learned a few new tricks to keep Mom and
Dad entertained. He is learning to wave bye bye, gargle with his spit and rock back and forth on his knees. Anyday I think he will be crawling. We also play a new game where I will kiss his nose and then he will kiss mine back, it's so cute. Knock on wood, he has also been sleeping through the night but I will try and not to jinx that.

My little Valentine Alex!
Jason, Jas, JC, Poppy or Daddy is of course my other Valentine. I was tagged ( the last one I will be doing for awhile) and it seemed appropriate for today so here is my tag about my Hubby. Happy Valentine's Day Jason, I love you! SYFAE
What is his name? Jason Alan OwYoung
How long have you been together? Since March 17, 2000 so just a month short of 8 years
How long did you date? 3 including our 6 month engagement
How old his he? 31 eek jk honey
Who eats more? Jas
Who said I love you first? honestly I don't remember is that bad? We were both pretty whopped from the beginning.
Who is taller? Jas
Who can sing better? Most definitely me, however that isn't saying much since neither of us sing well.
Who is smarter? I would say Jas but what's good is I have my strengths where he has weaknesses and visa versa
Who does the laundry? Both of us he puts it in the washer/dryer, I sort fold and put away
Who sleeps on the right side? Looking from the foot of the bed? Jas From the head of the bed, Me however we switched it up when I was prego.
Who mows the lawn? our expensive HOA
Who cooks dinner? Again both of us, we love to cook. Since I am home now I do most of the cooking but Jason does his fair share too.
Who is more stubborn? me all the way
Who kissed who first? *blushing* I nibbled his neck and then he went for the full on kiss. We weren't shy.
Who asked who out first? I guess you would say him.
Who proposed? Jas but he didn't get a chance as to when, I was impatient.
Who has more friends? He would probably say me but I think we both make loyal friends pretty easy.
Who is more sensitive? Me for sure.
Who has more siblings? Me
Who wears the pants? Jas would say I get my way but I think he makes the decisions. We are pretty equal.
I now tag anyone who is in love and wants to share a little dirt on their sweetie, come on girls, I know you are out there.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's in your bag?

This is kind of fun and interesting. I was tagged by my friend Emily so here I go:

The Rules

1. You have to show your bag.

2. Show all the contents in the bag, no cleaning it out first.

3. Bag tag 5 more people.

This tag couldn't come at a better time. I cleaned my purse out on Monday because it was full of coupons and receipts; we are talking like 50 of them. Pathetic I know! It's pretty clean at the moment but that won't last for long. When I worked at SU! Jason would often find missing silverware in my purse, pretty gross huh? So what's in your bag?

I now tag:

I got this purse at Aeropostale. This is the smallest purse I have owned in a long time. I like it because it has a place for my cell, an inner pocket for small items I don't want to dig for and an outer pocket. It's cute and washable. I have used it for some time now because it works well for me.

The basics: gum, cellphone, bluetooth, wallet, wetnap, bandaid, lotion, to do list, pen, pencil, meds ( yes I'm a walking pharmacy), variety of lipgloss and chapstick. All you need in a purse now for the diaper bag, that's another story.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Weekend

How long should it take to change one diaper if two people are tag teaming? A minute or two right, well not at this house. It took Jason and I almost 30 minutes to get a diaper ( the 2nd one, I ripped the 1st) on Alex tonight. What a little stinker! He refused to stay on his back. I am still not sure how well the diaper is on but I guess it will have to work. That was the end of our crazy busy weekend. Here is what we did the rest of the weekend.

I picked up my niece Shae around 4:30 on Friday so she could have a sleepover at our house. We headed to Michaels to pick up stuff for her class and family Valentines & Valentine box. We then went to Harmons to do my weekly grocery shopping.

We met Jason at home where we made individual pizzas for dinner. Then we worked on Shae's class and family Valentines and made her Valentines box. By then it was late so we decided to put off valentine cookies until Saturday. While Shae cuddle on the couch with Jason I mixed up our frosting. Then Shae insisted we go up to our bed to cuddle and watch Bernstein Bears before going to bed.

Alex slept all night and woke us up at 7:45. We got up and I made Shae's request of almond poppy seed muffins for breakfast. After we put Alex down for a nap we baked and decorated valentine cookies. For all you locals I would highly recommend Harmons homemade sugar cookie dough. It's so yummy and worth the time it would have taken for me to mix up my own.

After getting ready and having lunch Shae, Alex and I headed up to my Mom's in Layton. The kids slept most of the way up so it was very peaceful. I dropped Shae off at my Mom's and headed over to my friend TyAnne's baby shower. She is my old college roommate. She is such a sweetheart; I am so excited for her. It was nice to see her and my childhood best friend Laura.

After the shower I went to dinner at Sizzler with my Mom, Sister and her girls. I don't go there often so having the cheese bread was a treat. The ride home was very long. Alex scream all the way home until we got off the exit then he fall asleep. I tried his binkey a few times, my cell phone music which usually helps but nothing worked. Jason met me in the garage and freaked out when he opened the door. Alex was drenched in sweat. Now don't think I am horrible mom, the heat wasn't on and he was cover with a blanket because of us going outside. Honestly I think he had a fever from teething because he had been drooling like a faucet all day and had a running nose. We had to give him a shower and wash his car seat cover ( it was wet too). I felt like a horrible mother!!!

Alex got up once last night and then slept in until 9:30 this morning it was nice. We met Jason's family for lunch at Goodwood BBQ and did a few errands.

What a weekend!! Is it bedtime yet?

Here are some pictures of buddies Alex and Shae together this weekend.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So I recently called Alex a little seal but I think I have changed my mind. I now think of him as a beaver, yes I said a beaver. Let me explain, it is 3 am this morning when Alex is up in terrible pain teething and I decide to try and nurse him to calm him down while Jason gets his medicine. At first he refused to nurse but after a minute he gave in.

Now let's switch from my story to another story for a minute and then we will come back. Click on the Beaver Story link below to check out this clip from when Jeff Foxworthy was on the Rachel Ray show. If you have heard this story you will sadly know where I am going with this one.

Ouch right? Okay so back to my story. I think I will be weaning Alex sooner than I had planned. He latched on and would not release. Ouch!!! Instantly I thought of the Beaver story. I heard it hurts when they bite but honestly I had no clue.

Any resemblance between the two? I guess not! Don't you love the mess one biscuit can make.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

So I've been a bad blogger this week. I have had so much going on with family drama and such. Today's post is full of my random thoughts from this week. Bare with me as I bounce from topic to topic.

We recieved more snow again today, nothing new around here. This winter has been crazy with snowstorms and there are more to come next week. As much as I hate the snow well at least driving in it, I have enjoyed watching it from the window with Alex. Today when I tried to show him the snow we couldn't see because the wind has covered his window in snow, it's crazy! I watched the neighbor children playing in the snow and building snowmen and for a split second I wished that Alex was old enough to take outside to play and then I snapped back to reality when I remembered I hate being cold.

Speaking of the cold good news, our heater is fixed. After running all over SLC valley for parts Jason was able to get our heater working Friday afternoon. I am so glad I have a handy husband, it saved us a couple hundred dollors.

I have had a week now to reflect on the passing of a sweet gentle man Gordon B. Hinckley the prophet of my church. He passed away last Sunday January 27th around 7 pm at his SLC apartment surrounded by family. He was an amazing example to live up to. I recall hearing him speak in person as a teenager and looked forward to hearing him again each general conference. Although I have been sad at the loss of such a wonderful man I couldn't help but be happy for him. He lost his sweet spouse of 67 years in 2004 and I was overcome with joy at the thought of the two of them meeting in heaven. What a marvoulous day it must of been!! He surely will be missed. They broadcasted his funeral on Saturday so I recorded it on my DVR to watch. It was a very nice memorial. The LDS church will annouce the next prophet tomorrow. Most likely it will be Thomas S. Monson whom I also adore.

Here are links to two videos about Hinckley worth watching.

Tribute to my Prophet
More wonderful thoughts about President Hinckley

He was often seen using his cane to wave to people. Over 10,000 people lined the street to the cemetry waving canes and white hankys.

Here he is in the days of 47 parade with his sweetheart Marjorie

We recieved great news today, our friends Heidi and Howie had their first baby yesterday. Archer arrived a healthy 9 lb 1 oz, we couldn't be more thrilled. He was born into a great family. We can't wait to meet him and introduce him to Alex. Now the question is who's next to be parents amoung Jason's HS friends?

Speaking of kids Alex is right on the verge of crawling. He was actually rocking back and forth a bit tonight oh his knees. He was a little stinker today pulling off his bib every other bite. It was so frustrating. He has gained weight in the past month and was teething again earlier this week. Poor kido, poor parent with no sleep. =)

Well I told you this would be a very random post. Hope you had a great weekend, good night!

Friday, February 1, 2008

oh the weather INSIDE is frightful!

Yup I said inside. Our heater went out. Alex woke us up very early to a freezing house. Jason took the day off and we will be venturing out in the snow soon to pick up a part. What a wonderful day for our heater to break. Hope you have a fabulous WARM weekend!