Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Weekend

How long should it take to change one diaper if two people are tag teaming? A minute or two right, well not at this house. It took Jason and I almost 30 minutes to get a diaper ( the 2nd one, I ripped the 1st) on Alex tonight. What a little stinker! He refused to stay on his back. I am still not sure how well the diaper is on but I guess it will have to work. That was the end of our crazy busy weekend. Here is what we did the rest of the weekend.

I picked up my niece Shae around 4:30 on Friday so she could have a sleepover at our house. We headed to Michaels to pick up stuff for her class and family Valentines & Valentine box. We then went to Harmons to do my weekly grocery shopping.

We met Jason at home where we made individual pizzas for dinner. Then we worked on Shae's class and family Valentines and made her Valentines box. By then it was late so we decided to put off valentine cookies until Saturday. While Shae cuddle on the couch with Jason I mixed up our frosting. Then Shae insisted we go up to our bed to cuddle and watch Bernstein Bears before going to bed.

Alex slept all night and woke us up at 7:45. We got up and I made Shae's request of almond poppy seed muffins for breakfast. After we put Alex down for a nap we baked and decorated valentine cookies. For all you locals I would highly recommend Harmons homemade sugar cookie dough. It's so yummy and worth the time it would have taken for me to mix up my own.

After getting ready and having lunch Shae, Alex and I headed up to my Mom's in Layton. The kids slept most of the way up so it was very peaceful. I dropped Shae off at my Mom's and headed over to my friend TyAnne's baby shower. She is my old college roommate. She is such a sweetheart; I am so excited for her. It was nice to see her and my childhood best friend Laura.

After the shower I went to dinner at Sizzler with my Mom, Sister and her girls. I don't go there often so having the cheese bread was a treat. The ride home was very long. Alex scream all the way home until we got off the exit then he fall asleep. I tried his binkey a few times, my cell phone music which usually helps but nothing worked. Jason met me in the garage and freaked out when he opened the door. Alex was drenched in sweat. Now don't think I am horrible mom, the heat wasn't on and he was cover with a blanket because of us going outside. Honestly I think he had a fever from teething because he had been drooling like a faucet all day and had a running nose. We had to give him a shower and wash his car seat cover ( it was wet too). I felt like a horrible mother!!!

Alex got up once last night and then slept in until 9:30 this morning it was nice. We met Jason's family for lunch at Goodwood BBQ and did a few errands.

What a weekend!! Is it bedtime yet?

Here are some pictures of buddies Alex and Shae together this weekend.


Bennett Family said...

will you be MY aunt? huh?? WILL YA? WILL YA? i wanna make VALETINES, and STAY UP LATE, and watch BERENSTEIN BEARS in bed, and have HOMEMADE MUFFINS and make SUGAR COOKIES!!

and by the way, DON'T feel like a horrible mom. my kids sweat their brains out when they throw fits too. not your fault.

Anonymous said...

Fear not, I check Growing Up Owy. everyday. But alas, I am not a commenter. You must accept this fact and love me despite it.