Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Man I love this kid!

It's been a busy week!!

Sunday we had family dinner at my Mom's house. It was super yummy and as always good to see my family.

Alex hanging out with the women (his cousins) after family dinner.

sisters Jillian ( my oldest niece), Shae ( my youngest niece) and my baby Alex

Monday I spent the day with friends going to lunch and to the new hospital to see my good friend's new baby ( stinkin cute I might add). Of course Alex had to poop while we were out and it got on everything he was wearing including his socks. YUCK!!

Tuesday I had my nail appointment and dinner with Jason's best friend Brandon who was in town.

Today Alex and I went shopping at Target and then over to Osh Kosh to spend our $10.00 credit for a filled punch card. Boy was I furious to find out they have discontinued that program and would not except my card. I just filled it up at Christmas time and it states it's good until December of 2008. I will be calling their customer service line tomorrow for sure. Tonight Alex played in the laundry while Jason and I enjoyed a spaghetti dinner. He is so full of it lately getting into everything and attempting to crawl. He gave me a dozen wet kisses tonight. Man I love this kid!

Gotta love the grin and dad's boxers

Sometimes you find yourself stuck under a chair and just don't know what to do

The underwear bandit


Bennett Family said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again...cutest freaking kid EVER! love it.

oh, and did i mention how much i MISS family dinners at pams house? linds and i were talking about how great she was the other day...sniff, sniff.

Jayrod said...

He is so cute and smiley. I love it. It takes a lot of work to get Boston to smile for the camera.

Janea said...

So stinkin' cute! The little thing is ALWAYS smiling (well, at least for us on your blog). I hope to meet him in person soon.