Friday, February 15, 2008

9 months old

My baby is 9 months old today. I can't believe that he has been out of me as long as he was in me, it's crazy. Here are a few cute shots from his 9 month photo shoot today.

I call this his Asian smile when his little eyes squint, I love it! He does it for me all the time now.

I had a hard time getting him to smile because he kept wanting

to play with the blinds.
On a side note I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. Ours wasn't the greatest! One of Jason's good friends was fired from work and then on the way home Jason picked up Pei Wei for dinner and this happened:

Don't mind the dirty car, it was washed a week ago but we live in
Utah with crazy weather.

Nice close up of our dent and paint chip

Note to Pei Wei server dude: Watch where you are going when running back into the restaurant from your break or you might just run right into the back of someone's car and cause hundreds of dollars of damage. Yup the cheap estimate is $650.00 and if we get a new panel its $1,500.00 its crazy! Yes, you read that right he was running and slammed his body not his car into the back of my forester causing that pretty dent.

I did receive some beautiful flowers from Jas but otherwise you could say it wasn't the great Valentines we have had. Jason took today off and we did errands and made cookies tonight. It was nice having him home. Have a great weekend!

My camera died after taking this blurry photo so I will try to get a better one tomorrow.


Emily said...

that dent was caused by a body? That stinks, I'm sorry. I hope you don't have to pay for the repair.

Mollie said...

I love that silly smile! He's so darn cute...and I can't believe he's nine months old already. Before you know it, he'll be a year old, walking, and talking!

emily said...

A human person caused that damage! Yikes! Thanks for coming to my page, and the nice things you said. Quite possibly made my day. I'm planning to come to your b-day party card thing, by the way. Looking very much forward to it. :)

Elicia said...

I read this last weekend but didn't want to post then in case the bad feelings were still fresh. LOL I really am sorry, something like this sucks anytime but especially on a holiday!