Friday, February 1, 2008

oh the weather INSIDE is frightful!

Yup I said inside. Our heater went out. Alex woke us up very early to a freezing house. Jason took the day off and we will be venturing out in the snow soon to pick up a part. What a wonderful day for our heater to break. Hope you have a fabulous WARM weekend!


Emily said...

Dang that stinks!!! We were having issues with our heater the other day (it wouldn't keep the house at a set temp and boy do you notice when you are home all day). Come to find out it was as simple as changing the filter...go figure. In our defense we are doing work in our basement and that day we had A LOT of dust in the basement from the workers working. oh joy!!! hope you warm up soon. :)

The Baldwin's said...

Hope you got your furnace fixed, especially with this weather!