Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mommas Group

Edited to add: I am still waiting to hear back from the rest of you that were interested. Please give me some feedback so we can get this group going in the next few weeks. I look forward to hearing all your great ideas. Hope you had a terrific weekend!(Thanks for teaching me how to do my own signature Mollie)

So I am a day late, yesterday I was too busy to post. I took bug to his one year check up ( more about that later) and hit a late night chick flick with some friends (thanks girls).

It sounds like there is a handful of Moms who would be interested in starting some form of a Mommas group. Here are the questions I have for you to answer.

1- What day of the week works best for you to meet? What time?

2- How often would you like to meet? weekly, twice a week, every other week?

3- What type of activities would you like to do? parks, potluck lunches, pool, zoo etc? For example I would like to meet once a week at someone house or a local park/pool. Once a month I think it would be fun to go on more of a day outing to a zoo, bounce house, aquarium etc.

4- Would you be interested in a Moms only night if so what day of the week, how often and doing what?

5- Do you have any friends you would like to invite?

6- Any other suggestions, opinions or advice?

I would like to start meeting by mid June at the latest.

I look forward to hearing your ideas. =)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Its the little things that make me SMILE on a Tuesday

like... Alex grabbing my little hand staring at it very intently and then kissing it and smiling at me. It's happened twice today. It's like he has finally realized something is different about his Mom and he is telling me that it's okay.
I often wonder if I can do it all. Everyday I am faced with a Mommy problem that I must invent a new way to solve. I usually get through it even if I don't believe I can. Often I don't feel good enough to be "Alex's" Mom, I'm glad he reassures me.

Another couple of pictures of Alex's photo shoot

My mom's favorite

Jason's favorite, we enlarged this one to hang on our wall.

Tomorrow I will be asking specifics on my Momma's Group, I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mommas Group

So ever since Alex was born I have been in search of a Moms Group I could join. I haven't had allot of luck finding one I like. One group was full of older Moms with older children, another group got together to go drinking at night ( not my thing), another one was WAY to big and the last one well the leader was flaky and never would return my calls. I also found that many of them charged you to be part of their group. I finally gave up.
Well yesterday while in the shower of all places I thought why search for a group when you could start your own. I know enough Moms to form a group. So here I am brainstorming ideas and seeing if anyone out there would be interested in forming a group. There wouldn't be a charge to join. I don't need to be paid to send out e-mails. I probably wouldn't be ableto make it to every meeting but I would be happy to be in charge of organizing when/where we would meet. So here are my thoughts.

Plan on meeting once a week perhaps switching the day/time so example the 1,3 Tuesday of the month we would meet in the morning, the 2,4 Thursday we could do afternoons. I only suggest this in hopes to accommodate as many Moms as possible. If meeting the same day/time each week would work for the majority we could do that too. You would be welcome to come to all or some of them. No commitment required. Each week we could do a simple play date at a local park, pool or one of our houses. We could have a snack or even meet over a potluck lunch.
Once a month we could plan a field trip out to the zoo, a bounce house, thanksgiving point, Gardner village, boondocks, wheeler farm, the movies etc. something that would cost us money would be more of an all day event.

We could also plan on once a month meeting in the evening Moms only for dinner, a movie, dancing, scrapbooking, stamping, pedicures, anything to get out for the evening.
If you and/or other moms you know would be interested in getting together let me know by posting a comment or sending me an e-mail. Give me your ideas/suggestions and what would work best for you.

If you are anything like me you need some adult interaction once in a while.

I'm leaving you with a few photos from Alex's photo shoot. I got the CD back yesterday so I am having fun deciding what to do with all of them. Here are two cute shots for now. Have a great memorial weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our house at midnight

What do you do at midnight at your house? Sleep, I assume would be a top answer. At our house sometimes that is the answer however Alex's top tooth is coming in so sleep haven't been a top priority for him. Tuesday night Jason snapped these shots after Alex chased me into the kitchen. It was midnight but he seemed to be awake and fine as long as I didn't have him in his crib. Crazy kid!!

Don't mind the messy fridge, I wasn't about to spruce it up for the picture

On a side note there are a few of you who read my blog and comment. I would love to read yours and do the same however you have it marked private. Will you invite me? Jillinda, Linds, yes I'm talking to you two.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're back

We are back and finally getting settled after our week long trip to California. There's so much to blog about but I will try to keep it to a minimum.

Thursday Alex came down with his 2nd cold, not a fun way to start our trip but we managed with a ton of tissues on hand.

On May 9th our 5 year wedding anniversary we packed our bags and headed for the airport. We planned to meet Jason's parents and little sister in California. They drove, we decided to fly. We were a little nervous about how Alex would do on the plane so we invested in a few new snacks, made sure he had his bottle as we took off etc. to ensure a good flight. Overall he did very well. He made friends quick with the stewardess' and neighbors on the plane.

After we arrived in Oakland we rented a red dodge charger and drove to Napa Valley where we would be staying for the week. The drive was pretty seeing all the wineries. I could enjoy the beauty even if I'm not a drinker.

We arrived at the timeshare to meet up with Jason's family. They looked like separate little cabins oh so cute but upon further inspection I pointed out to Jason that they were single wide trailers. HA HA!! Perhaps not our home but clean, and quite nice overall. We later found out that this area floods often so they have trailers so that they can move them all out instead of building and having rooms flooded. Smart I suppose!

That night for dinner we headed to "Go Fish" in St. Helena. Jason's parents wanted to treat us for our anniversary. We had heard of this restaurant on the food network so we were anxious to go since we all love seafood. Jason wasn't very thrilled with his dinner but Alex adored his mashed tators and my sushi was quite tasty. On the way back we stopped at good old Wally World for Alex supplies and snacks. Although it looked very upscale on the outside we soon learned it was just like the Wally Worlds back home. If you can't tell I am not a huge fan of Wal-mart, sorry to those who are.

Saturday Jason, Alex and I did a bit of exploring with our GPS to find some breakfast but ended up picking up the old standby Micky D's. After getting ready we headed to Berkley for a family party. Jason's Aunty Max and Uncle Bob live up in the hills of Berkley. It was a crazy ride up there but way worth it. Dinner was delicious especially Aunty Max's famous homemade fried chicken and the dream cake my FIL spoke so much about. We spent the day visiting, eating and enjoying the view. Alex especially had a great time getting to know his Dad's family and his cousin Elianna. They had a ton of fun playing together.

Alex and his cousin Elianna. She is a year older, a few inches taller and about a pound heavier. She loved playing with baby Alex.

The view from their balcony was breathtaking

Sunday was Mother's Day, officially my first. I spent allot of time reflecting on Mother's Day last year when I was in the hospital with false labor. After being checked out I was given a Morphine shot and sent home to wait it out. We spent the day walking, walking, and walking some more. I wanted Alex to come so badly, luckily it was just two days later that I made it back to the hospital for the real thing. Now a year later I am officially a Mommy. I do my best but I have days where I question if I'm good enough to be Alex's Mom. I know that no Mom is perfect and if I do my best that's all I can do. Being a Mother however has really made me appreciate my own Mom more. She is one amazing women!! She has endured many things in her life. People will ask me how does your mom do it. Honestly I don't know but she has and does. I love that she loves me no matter how different I am from her, and no matter what different paths I have choose to take in my life. I love that she gives her love unconditionally and asks for nothing in return. I love how excited she gets about her kids/grandkids. Hearing her brag about Alex always makes my day. I love you, my best friend! I feel so blessed to call you Mom. I hope I can be the type of Mother to Alex that you have been to me.

My Mom will kill me for posting this picture but I can't resist. This picture was taken when Alex was a few weeks old. My mom offered to cuddle him while I did some baking. When I came to check on her i found them both asleep and grabbed the camera.

My brother did some wierd affects with these two photos, I love them!

So Sunday we shopped around Napa and went to lunch at Taylor's Automatic Refresher. We heard about them from Guy on Diners, Drive Inns and Dives. The have yummy garlic fries and I loved their PB chocolate shake. It was strange to see people drinking a glass of wine with their burger though.
That night we had a big Chinese banquet at a local restaurant. It is a Chinese tradition to have a party when a child turns a month old. Well being that Jason's family lives in California we decided to hold off until Alex was one year old. So for alex's first birthday along with his Grandpa Al's birthday ( same day) we celebrated with a 11 course Chinese dinner. My cousin Jes who lives out in CA was able to join us that night. She even ventured back to our 5 star resort to spend the night.
Monday we went out for breakfast and then laid low for a few hours while my FIL Al's got some lights fixed on his car. Later that afternoon we went to the Jelly Belly factory. We were the last group of the day and the only group so we had a private tour. It was fun because we were able to view areas not usually shown to big groups and could ask any questions we had. We did a little shopping there including picking up some belly flops. We then attempted to go to a local amusement park however it was closed so we shopped around instead and had dinner at a cute little Mexican restaurant. We finished the night with a trip to the creamery.

Tuesday we got up early and headed to San Francisco. We walked around a bit and ate some clam chowder before heading out to Alcatraz for the day. It was Alex's first trip on a boat. We tried to take him outside to enjoy the ride but it was super windy.

As many of you know I am not a huge museum person or history fan at all however this was different. An old prison fascinated me. If you haven't had the opportunity to go out there before I would highly recommend it. We were able to go on the audio tour. They give you a little tape recorder thing and you can walk around at your own pace looking at stuff. I loved how you could heard the cell doors slamming and the inmates chatting. It really brought you back in time. We also shopped around the pier and had some seafood for lunch. It was a very nice day with perfect weather. Alex's favorite thing was the homemade donuts we bought. I really should have taken a picture of him. He couldn't seem to get enough of them.

Wednesday we laid low hanging out at the pool and getting lunch again at Taylors. It was super hot about 98 that day so taking bug out didn't sound very fun. Alex has never been swimming so we thought it was about time to break in his new suit. That night we met up with Jason's cousin Ron for more sushi. Two meals of sushi in one week makes one HAPPY Sharie.

Thursday was Alex's first birthday. I honestly can not believe that my baby boy is a year old now. He is growing up way too fast. It was also my FIL Alan's birthday. We decided to try and escape the heat but heading to SF closer to the bay and hit the zoo. Well our great idea didn't get us far enough from the heat. It was soo bloody hot we almost went home as soon we arrived however we toughed it out and it eventually cooled off. Alex seemed to enjoy seeing the many animals. My favorite happened to be the baby cubs, so cute.

We debated on where to get dinner that night. We didn't want to leave the city yet because we would get stuck in traffic. We decided to use our GPS to find a local place to eat. BIG MISTAKE!! We drove around forever finding either dumpy places or non existent restaurants. We finally stopped along a street of restaurants and asked a local for a recommendation. We ended up at a Italian place that was quite tasty. On the way out I had the opportunity to change a massive poopy diaper in the car as traffic passed by. All I can say is YUCK, YUCK, YUCK. How can a restaurant not have a changing station, honestly?

That night I packed up our stuff while Jason let Alex have his first Oreo cookie, he loved it.

Here are a few pictures of my birthday boy ready for bed in his new jammies his grandparents gave him. On a side note we took him to the store in these jammies on Saturday and a lady ask if he really is a Sound Sleeper, I just laughed in her face. Ya right!

Friday we stopped by a honey farm on the way out of town. I was hoping to bring back some Napa Valley honey for my mom, instead we left with nothing, quite disappointed. We took our time getting back to the airport before we headed home. Alex wasn't nearly as delightful on the way back. I would chalk this up to a week of ciaos, fewer naps, less sleep, new places and people. He did okay and seemed to impress the people behind us but Jason and I know him better. He wouldn't sleep a wink but as soon as his head hit the stroller in the airport he was out and slept all the way home (well almost). It was a very fun long week. Thanks to my in laws for making this trip possible and to all of Jason's family who were so welcoming. We had a terrific time!

Alex has many firsts this week. A plane ride, boat ride, seeing the ocean, being in another state, learning how to point, swimming, using a sippy cup successfully, walking around furniture and eating his first Oreo cookie. He loves to pull his mean face and give lots of hugs. My little baby is now a little man.

Friday, May 9, 2008

5 years today & 911

Strange title huh? Well first off today is Jason and I's 5 year wedding anniversary. I feel very grateful to have my best friend by my side each day. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father. Last night ( I guess 3 am is this morning) I lay in bed with Jason and Alex. I remembered back to our wedding day and the beginning of our life together. I didn't know what the future would hold but I knew it was bound to be great. Now we have the cutest son anyone could ask for. I feel extremely blessed! Happy Anniversary sweetie!

One of our many engagement photos

Speaking of cute sons... here is a small recap of my day yesterday. So I talk to my mom on the cordless, after hanging up I let Alex play with the phone. This is nothing new I just make sure I watch him so that he doesn't call anyone. Well I guess I wasn't watching well enough. He made a quick call then dropped the phone. He was getting grumpy so I knew it was nap time. I took him upstairs, tucked him in then hung out on the computer for a few minutes before going up to shower. While sitting there I hear my doorbell ring. This is nothing new since we often get solicitors at our door. I couldn't see who it was so I didn't bother answering it. Then I heard a loud banging on my door and looked out again to find a Draper Cop on my doorstep looking up at the windows. Being dressed in less than appropriate attired I ran upstairs and threw on some clothes and went downstairs to get the door. The cop was looking around my house as I greeted him with a terrified look on my face.

I was guessing our neighbors had called the cops on us because we had left Alex cry ( scream) himself to sleep between 4-4:30 that morning after nothing else would work. Well come to find out that wasn't the case. My dear sweet baby had made a call to 911 and then left the phone off the hook. The cop said he was getting very worried when he wasn't able to reach anyone. I apologized up and down and then went back inside to call Jason with my story. Let's just say Alex will NOT be using the phone again anytime soon. I finally can say I understand how you feel Mollie. ;)

My cousin Jes took this photo a while back. Isn't it so precious? To think this boy could cause his mother so much trauma.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Alex's Birthday Party

Sorry for the super long post in advance. It's been a big week for us. Alex learned to climb the stairs on Friday. I wasn't sure whether to jump for joy or sit down and cry. I was super excited/proud yet I knew what this meant, more to handle. I had some bracelets sitting on my stairs and he wanted them so up he went, two stairs which was nothing new but this time he did not stop. I stood behind him while he climbed all the way to the top. Alex is getting smarter and smarter figuring out how to get into everything he shouldn't.

Here is a picture I took after Alex climbed the stairs for the 1st time.
I love the innocent look on his face.

Jason and I were talking tonight about how it seems like Alex has grown up so much in just the past few weeks. On top of climbing the stairs he also pulls himself up to anything. He loves to point to things, shake his head back and forth, feed himself, and try all kinds of new grown up foods. He has such a fun personality!
Here is a picture of Alex exploring his drawers,
he loves to opening anything I don't have a lock on.

Due to other conflicts we decided to hold Alex's 1st birthday party a tad bit early. We celebrated with friends and family at the park. We decided to hold it in Layton near my Mom's house so we could be closer to our family. Due to it being in Layton we only invited our friends' the Pews since they live close by. I didn't think any of our other friends would be up for the drive, maybe I'm wrong.
I made invitations with SU's dump truck, bought similar decorations, a matching birthday outfit of course and a Tonka Truck cake. We had pulled pork sandwiches, fruit, potato salad, baked beans, potato chips and lime rickey's. My family was sweet enough to help me with the food. We finished with cake and Maggie Moo ice cream with chocolate dipped waffle cones which were a hit.
Alex with his birthday cake
A close up of the cake
The weather couldn't have been better in the low 70's with a slight breeze. We ate, chatted, played on the playground, blew bubbles and played croquet. A few people were even able to sneak in a Sunday nap.
Alex's buddy Beckett even came dressed in proper attire, it was fun seeing the two of them play together in their truck outfits.
My niece Shae on the slide
My strange sister decided to save my Mom's parking spot while she ran an errand. We all teased her, she wasn't embarrassed though.
Alex dancing with Grandma OwYoung
Alex hangin' with cousin Jillian
Shae and Dax blowing bubbles
Olivia with a huge bubble
Alex hanging out with his Aunt Kim, she entertained him with a red cup. Jamee caught some fun pictures of him playing. Thanks Jam!
Family/Friends attending Alex's birthday party were, Grandma & Larry, Grandpa & Grandma OwYoung, Aunt Alanna, Great Aunt Pat and Uncle Glade, Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike, Cousins- Shae, Braxton, Areiann, Jillian and Clay. Cousin Hilary was home sick =( Our friends the Pews also came Beckett, Olivia, Dax, Shane and Jamee. It was quite the gang!
See my owe remote control from Daddy
Alex loves books and he got some really fun ones for his birthday
Jammies from my cousins
A tool set from Mom and Dad
Alex received many fun gifts including books, clothes, jammies, toys, and a stuffed animal. He also received a special letter from Grandpa Stewart written by Aunt Pat.
After presents it was time for Alex to have his cake. He loved it.
I decided not to ruin his new outfit so instead we striped him to his diaper and let him wear one of my shirts. As you can tell he loves to be naked. I guess I don't allow him to be just in his diaper enough.
First taste of frosting, he seems to like it! Must be genetic!
Another recent trick of Alex's is his famous mean face, here I caught it in action. He will usually pull it when asked and then giggle or smile when you react.
It's hilarious!
He will usually pull this face if he doesn't like something, then he will scrap his tongue with his fingers. Don't worry that didn't last long before he was back at it.
Diving in
Soaking up the attention
The aftermath!
or maybe not, Try this one!
All done and not very happy about it. He was having too much fun to stop.
Aunt Kim gave Alex his 4th haircut before we headed over to my Mom's house for a bath before going home.

These pictures were taken the week before his fourth haircut. The women love his hair, what can I say.

After feeding Alex his night time bottle he cuddled up to me and fell asleep. It had been a long day and he was very tired. I sat holding him for a few minutes thinking back over the past year. I feel so incredibly blessed to have him in my life. More birthday pictures to come but you may have to wait. Stay tuned for part two...