Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our house at midnight

What do you do at midnight at your house? Sleep, I assume would be a top answer. At our house sometimes that is the answer however Alex's top tooth is coming in so sleep haven't been a top priority for him. Tuesday night Jason snapped these shots after Alex chased me into the kitchen. It was midnight but he seemed to be awake and fine as long as I didn't have him in his crib. Crazy kid!!

Don't mind the messy fridge, I wasn't about to spruce it up for the picture

On a side note there are a few of you who read my blog and comment. I would love to read yours and do the same however you have it marked private. Will you invite me? Jillinda, Linds, yes I'm talking to you two.


Jillinda said...

You are so going to hate me. My two sleep really well at night. :) These pics of him are so cute. I would love to invite you but I don't have your email addy.

Mollie said...

Oh I love that little guy of yours! The pictures are adorable...but how could they not be with him in them!

And I wish my fridge looked like's got nothing in it!!!

Emily said...

Those pictures are so cute. He just wanted a midnight snack, what's wrong with that?

I'm with you Sharie, Jillinda if you are reading this I would love to check up on you and your family. My e-mail addy is