Monday, May 5, 2008

Alex's Birthday Party

Sorry for the super long post in advance. It's been a big week for us. Alex learned to climb the stairs on Friday. I wasn't sure whether to jump for joy or sit down and cry. I was super excited/proud yet I knew what this meant, more to handle. I had some bracelets sitting on my stairs and he wanted them so up he went, two stairs which was nothing new but this time he did not stop. I stood behind him while he climbed all the way to the top. Alex is getting smarter and smarter figuring out how to get into everything he shouldn't.

Here is a picture I took after Alex climbed the stairs for the 1st time.
I love the innocent look on his face.

Jason and I were talking tonight about how it seems like Alex has grown up so much in just the past few weeks. On top of climbing the stairs he also pulls himself up to anything. He loves to point to things, shake his head back and forth, feed himself, and try all kinds of new grown up foods. He has such a fun personality!
Here is a picture of Alex exploring his drawers,
he loves to opening anything I don't have a lock on.

Due to other conflicts we decided to hold Alex's 1st birthday party a tad bit early. We celebrated with friends and family at the park. We decided to hold it in Layton near my Mom's house so we could be closer to our family. Due to it being in Layton we only invited our friends' the Pews since they live close by. I didn't think any of our other friends would be up for the drive, maybe I'm wrong.
I made invitations with SU's dump truck, bought similar decorations, a matching birthday outfit of course and a Tonka Truck cake. We had pulled pork sandwiches, fruit, potato salad, baked beans, potato chips and lime rickey's. My family was sweet enough to help me with the food. We finished with cake and Maggie Moo ice cream with chocolate dipped waffle cones which were a hit.
Alex with his birthday cake
A close up of the cake
The weather couldn't have been better in the low 70's with a slight breeze. We ate, chatted, played on the playground, blew bubbles and played croquet. A few people were even able to sneak in a Sunday nap.
Alex's buddy Beckett even came dressed in proper attire, it was fun seeing the two of them play together in their truck outfits.
My niece Shae on the slide
My strange sister decided to save my Mom's parking spot while she ran an errand. We all teased her, she wasn't embarrassed though.
Alex dancing with Grandma OwYoung
Alex hangin' with cousin Jillian
Shae and Dax blowing bubbles
Olivia with a huge bubble
Alex hanging out with his Aunt Kim, she entertained him with a red cup. Jamee caught some fun pictures of him playing. Thanks Jam!
Family/Friends attending Alex's birthday party were, Grandma & Larry, Grandpa & Grandma OwYoung, Aunt Alanna, Great Aunt Pat and Uncle Glade, Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike, Cousins- Shae, Braxton, Areiann, Jillian and Clay. Cousin Hilary was home sick =( Our friends the Pews also came Beckett, Olivia, Dax, Shane and Jamee. It was quite the gang!
See my owe remote control from Daddy
Alex loves books and he got some really fun ones for his birthday
Jammies from my cousins
A tool set from Mom and Dad
Alex received many fun gifts including books, clothes, jammies, toys, and a stuffed animal. He also received a special letter from Grandpa Stewart written by Aunt Pat.
After presents it was time for Alex to have his cake. He loved it.
I decided not to ruin his new outfit so instead we striped him to his diaper and let him wear one of my shirts. As you can tell he loves to be naked. I guess I don't allow him to be just in his diaper enough.
First taste of frosting, he seems to like it! Must be genetic!
Another recent trick of Alex's is his famous mean face, here I caught it in action. He will usually pull it when asked and then giggle or smile when you react.
It's hilarious!
He will usually pull this face if he doesn't like something, then he will scrap his tongue with his fingers. Don't worry that didn't last long before he was back at it.
Diving in
Soaking up the attention
The aftermath!
or maybe not, Try this one!
All done and not very happy about it. He was having too much fun to stop.
Aunt Kim gave Alex his 4th haircut before we headed over to my Mom's house for a bath before going home.

These pictures were taken the week before his fourth haircut. The women love his hair, what can I say.

After feeding Alex his night time bottle he cuddled up to me and fell asleep. It had been a long day and he was very tired. I sat holding him for a few minutes thinking back over the past year. I feel so incredibly blessed to have him in my life. More birthday pictures to come but you may have to wait. Stay tuned for part two...


dibble family said...

Happy Early Birthday, Alex! Shar, he is SO STINKING CUTE! I love his mean face and his hair! Looks like the party was a blast!

Bennett Family said...

first of all...i LOVE that kim saved your mom's space w/her chair. hillarious!

second...mean face-SO cute! pditty used to do that too.

third...feet in the cake. doesn't get any better than that!!

fourth...your mom lives in layton now?

fifth...wish we could have been there.

Mollie said...

That looks like a super fun birthday party...but I'm hurt! You didn't invite me? Hahaha just kidding. I need to see the little stink soon! As soon as you're available, we need to play:o)