Friday, May 9, 2008

5 years today & 911

Strange title huh? Well first off today is Jason and I's 5 year wedding anniversary. I feel very grateful to have my best friend by my side each day. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father. Last night ( I guess 3 am is this morning) I lay in bed with Jason and Alex. I remembered back to our wedding day and the beginning of our life together. I didn't know what the future would hold but I knew it was bound to be great. Now we have the cutest son anyone could ask for. I feel extremely blessed! Happy Anniversary sweetie!

One of our many engagement photos

Speaking of cute sons... here is a small recap of my day yesterday. So I talk to my mom on the cordless, after hanging up I let Alex play with the phone. This is nothing new I just make sure I watch him so that he doesn't call anyone. Well I guess I wasn't watching well enough. He made a quick call then dropped the phone. He was getting grumpy so I knew it was nap time. I took him upstairs, tucked him in then hung out on the computer for a few minutes before going up to shower. While sitting there I hear my doorbell ring. This is nothing new since we often get solicitors at our door. I couldn't see who it was so I didn't bother answering it. Then I heard a loud banging on my door and looked out again to find a Draper Cop on my doorstep looking up at the windows. Being dressed in less than appropriate attired I ran upstairs and threw on some clothes and went downstairs to get the door. The cop was looking around my house as I greeted him with a terrified look on my face.

I was guessing our neighbors had called the cops on us because we had left Alex cry ( scream) himself to sleep between 4-4:30 that morning after nothing else would work. Well come to find out that wasn't the case. My dear sweet baby had made a call to 911 and then left the phone off the hook. The cop said he was getting very worried when he wasn't able to reach anyone. I apologized up and down and then went back inside to call Jason with my story. Let's just say Alex will NOT be using the phone again anytime soon. I finally can say I understand how you feel Mollie. ;)

My cousin Jes took this photo a while back. Isn't it so precious? To think this boy could cause his mother so much trauma.


Elicia said...

That is hilarious! Seems like everyone has a baby 911 story though, so don't worry.
Happy Anniversary - you guys are such a cute couple.

Sami said...

You're totally kidding. That is so hilarious! But most of all, I cannot believe that baby Alex is ONE year old! I remember when we were pregnant and miserable together at SU!. And remember when you were just about to pop and I was well on my way and I would crawl under your desk to get stuff for you and you would be sitting there telling me not to? Well.... Those were good times. I just can't believe it's been a year since then.

dibble family said...

Oh my goodness! I'm surprised that he didn't bust the door down! That's one of my biggest fears, someone calling 911 and it not being an emergency. HILARIOUS! Probably not so much at the time but it is now. :)

Bennett Family said...

great photos...both of them!

BOTH of my kids have dialed 911...oops!

Natalie said...

Yay you are back!!! Yep, I got the bags done-woohoo!I hope you had a fabulous time in Cali!