Friday, May 23, 2008

Mommas Group

So ever since Alex was born I have been in search of a Moms Group I could join. I haven't had allot of luck finding one I like. One group was full of older Moms with older children, another group got together to go drinking at night ( not my thing), another one was WAY to big and the last one well the leader was flaky and never would return my calls. I also found that many of them charged you to be part of their group. I finally gave up.
Well yesterday while in the shower of all places I thought why search for a group when you could start your own. I know enough Moms to form a group. So here I am brainstorming ideas and seeing if anyone out there would be interested in forming a group. There wouldn't be a charge to join. I don't need to be paid to send out e-mails. I probably wouldn't be ableto make it to every meeting but I would be happy to be in charge of organizing when/where we would meet. So here are my thoughts.

Plan on meeting once a week perhaps switching the day/time so example the 1,3 Tuesday of the month we would meet in the morning, the 2,4 Thursday we could do afternoons. I only suggest this in hopes to accommodate as many Moms as possible. If meeting the same day/time each week would work for the majority we could do that too. You would be welcome to come to all or some of them. No commitment required. Each week we could do a simple play date at a local park, pool or one of our houses. We could have a snack or even meet over a potluck lunch.
Once a month we could plan a field trip out to the zoo, a bounce house, thanksgiving point, Gardner village, boondocks, wheeler farm, the movies etc. something that would cost us money would be more of an all day event.

We could also plan on once a month meeting in the evening Moms only for dinner, a movie, dancing, scrapbooking, stamping, pedicures, anything to get out for the evening.
If you and/or other moms you know would be interested in getting together let me know by posting a comment or sending me an e-mail. Give me your ideas/suggestions and what would work best for you.

If you are anything like me you need some adult interaction once in a while.

I'm leaving you with a few photos from Alex's photo shoot. I got the CD back yesterday so I am having fun deciding what to do with all of them. Here are two cute shots for now. Have a great memorial weekend!


The Snells said...

Count me in Shar!

hey, do you want to go see that Baby Mama movie with some of the girls from work on June 7th?

Sami said...

I'm interested but you already knew that. It sounds like fun to me!

Emily said...

I think that sounds way fun. Count me in. I'm one of those that could do it the same time and day each week but whatever works for everyone else is fine with me.

Stephanie said...

I wish I lived by you, I would love something like that! I'm glad you're back by the way. I think I saw Alex's birthday pic on GTU. I'll call you next time I come up and we'll go for sure. We need to meet sometime, right?

Bennett Family said...

wish i could join...maybe someday?! the 3 years ben promised to be here have turned into 7...all well! :)

i LOVE that you got your idea in the shower...the bathroom seems to be the place in my home where i get enlightenment too! :)

dibble family said...

I like this idea, my dear! Let me know what happens cuz I'd love to get together with you weekly!

Mollie said...

You know I like the idea, too. And I'll be closer to you, so that will be nice:o)

I can't get enough of that little guy of yours! The pictures are darling!