Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Poll

One week can make one weak! As of today I officially have one week left before my due date. This is according to my ultrasound. If you go off my calculations it' s a week and a day. Either way I guess it doesn't really matter since she will decide when to come in the long run. As of last Thursday I was still a zero in all areas. She is healthy and just enjoying her time inside of me I guess. Because I know you are going to ask NO he won't be inducing me at least not at this point. Unless you have some progression or there is a medical reason it's against the law to start you just because you are sick of being pregnant or in my case just want an April baby. I have another appointment on Wednesday so if something huge develops I am sure I will post about it.

I am becoming more miserable but hanging in there. I have such pressure that I never experianced with Alex. I know the life of two children will be an adjustment however so I'm trying to just enjoy the time I have. I am staying busy and trying to sleep whenever possible. Overall we are ready for her when she is ready to come. I have a few odds and ends we have put off that I am sure will either not get done or will be done frantically the last minute. So here is my poll....

When will our baby girl make her appearance?

A. Soon, before my due date
B. Right on time 26-27th of April
C. On my birthday the 28th only because I want that day to myself. Yes I'm selfish!!!

D. She will be overdue but will still make April on her own

E. It will take some coaxing to get her out and a May baby is what I should expect

In case you are wondering Alex was 5 days overdue and weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs 1 oz. I did go into labor on my own but things were steady not progressing so I was only admitted due to the fact that I was overdue and would eventually make my way back to the hospital. I had already been sent home once so I am guessing they knew I would come back.
Let me know what you think, it will help me pass the time. While I wait I will stay busy and try to be upbeat, I can't be pregnant forever right?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the 12 days of Christmas?

OK so not Christmas but what about the 12 days of Baby waiting. As of today I have 12 days left until my due date. Overall I am feeling great just dealing with allot of pressure because she is so low. As of last Friday I was a whopping zero with no progress. I go back into the Dr tomorrow so I'm hoping for a bit of progression, but not expecting it. I am not in a rush to get her here as I know just how much work it will be to have two kids. The first 6 wks with Alex were very difficult trying to deal with hormones, pain and no sleep. I am however very anxious because I can't wait to see her sweet face and dress her in all of her adorable clothes. I would really like her to have an April birthday so if I had some assurance that it would happen I think I could relax and just enjoy the time I have left. Unfortunately if I am not making progress I can't be induced and will just have to ride it out. Trying to remain positive and just enjoy the time I have remaining. I know it will go by faster than I think.

I have loved being pregnant this time around especially. I will miss feeling her move inside of me. She is one crazy chick! Here for a few pictures from the other night. My hairstyling buddy Mindy offered to curl my hair showing me how with her straight iron. I still can't get it but perhaps in time. We were a bit hyper so forgive my silliness. I told her I was hoping to go into labor that night so I could have cute hair, yeah no luck. Oh well!

38 weeks along

Not sure why I didn't smile for this one. Nice LARGE side view

Me, Mindy and Nat pose for a pic

Being goofy, wow.. that sure is a big belly especially next to these two chicks.

Me and one of my BFs Nat being a bit sassy with our curls thanks to Mindy, wish we could have her do our hair everyday.
I am working my way from current to the past to scroll down for my posts. =)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Showers

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by amazing women as friends. Jason gives me grief all the time about how many people I know and how many friends I have. He once told me if he was on Facebook he wouldn't have more than a few friends because he doesn't know anyone. Whatever!! I am definitely a people person and cherish true friends. Luckily I have had many in my life and only a few that have done me wrong.
With the upcoming arrival of our daughter I had a couple friends ask to throw me a baby shower. I ended up having two. One was for former Stampin' UP! co-workers and some random friends and the other was for neighbors. Both were great and I was spoiled rotten. Here are a few pictures from each event. Thank you first off to Jenn, Beth and Nat for throwing my work shower and to Em and the neighbors who helped her throw my neighbor shower. I love you girls to pieces and appreciate so much all the hard work you put into the parties for me and my baby girl. Enjoy the pics!

Cute as a Button was the theme of my neighborhood shower that Emily threw me. Love the little details she put into it.

The mini delish cupcakes she made and decorated for the shower.
a close up of the buttons

The cute paper banner she made to decorate with
The food, thanks to my neighbors help the spread not only looked tasty but was super yummy as well.
a close up of the banners, don't you love them?
I recieved a ton of cute stuff from my neighborhood. This however was my favorite gift, so creative. Renee ( the 2nd from the right) and Brooke who wasn't able to attend that day put together a bunch of outfits, onesies and socks and strung them on this clothesline. I then took it out of the bag and passed it around to the group for everyone to see. I will be stealing this idea for sure.

A close up of the paper laterns she made that hung in the entry way. So girlish!
Here are the pictures from my first shower hosted by my friends/former co-workers

About 36 wks prego here
My loot, I got so many cute things
a close up of some of my adorable stuff

More cute clothes

And more.. look at that adorable dress in front made by my friend Libby and the cute dress to the left with the booties made by my friend Sami. Aren't they so cute? I have such talented friends!

The food, oh so delicious!
Laura (my BF since we were two) and me. Of course she looks cute and here I am going for more food lol. I was so happy that Laura made the trek down from Logan for me. It meant the world to me.

Laura's cute little Parker checking out the balloons while I chat with Sami. Check out that belly, WOW!

Libby, me, Beth, and Jenn we didn't get the camera out until everyone was gone.
A close up

My BF Laura and our little familes, so crazy and fun. Alex looks drunk for some reason and of course Parker isn't looking at the camera, KIDS!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Easter was very laid back this year. Our neighborhood had a egg hunt on Friday and since Jason had the day off he was able to hide the eggs and help with the hunt. I thought it was perfect! I arrived two minutes before it started, Alex got a dozen or so eggs with good candy and we were done. I loved that I didn't have to show up hours early, stand in the heat or the cold and fight other children for five eggs filled with crap candy. Perhaps I am just getting old. I feel like at three, okay almost three years old with no siblings I can get away with not taking him to all the big hunts for now and that's just what we did. We enjoyed a quiet laid back weekend and spent Sunday with family for dinner. We gave Alex a new Elphafun game and some cars sunglasses. He was thrilled! It was nice to have things so simple because often I feel the holidays are overrated and we forget what the true meaning is behind it. I am sure next year he will understand more what he is missing out on but until then we will settle for simple.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kingslee McKay

Babies are such a great little piece of heaven. April 8th my great niece Kingslee McKay made her way into this world weighing 7 lb 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Her Mom, my niece Hilary had a difficult time getting her here. She was induced a day after her due date at 6 am. With each contraction Kingslee's heartbeat would drop. They almost had to deliver her via c section but then she came around. She is the sweetest little thing with long skinny feet and toes. She has the cutest little long hairs that stick up on her ears and a trace of hair in her bum crack, so stinkin cute. It was fun to cuddle her and think of where she came from. Raising our two adorable daughters together will be a ton of fun. I think there is going to be a great amount of spoiling going on.

I love when you get to see them for the first time

The proud Mom and Dad Hilary and James ( Bo Bo)
Healthy as can be
Such a sweetheart, check out those feet. I think she may have my sister's whopping 10 size feet when she grows up.

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

So I am not one who would usually plays April Fool's jokes however this year was a tad bit different. Back up a few days before when I informed my Mom of a friend's SIL who had delivered a healthily baby boy after expecting a girl. We talked about how horrible it would be to have everything prepared only to find out it was the opposite sex.
April Fool's Day comes and I have a Dr appt. My baby girl had been quite active lodging herself in my far left side against my back. It was very uncomfortable and not something I had ever experienced with Alex. I mentioned it to my Dr that thought it was a her foot. He doubled checked me to make sure that her positioning was till head down. Everything looked fine. It gave me an idea though and I ran it by him. He loved it and said to go for it.
After leaving the Dr I called my sister and asked her to join in my plan. She of course was all on board. She called my Mom right away and asked if she had spoken to me that day. She said yes that morning but not since then. Kim then preceded to tell her that she called me on my way out of my Dr appt and I was sobbing uncontrollably. She said because of our question about positioning the Dr had decided to do an ultrasound and low and beyond.....

My Mom's reaction... "You're shitting me" my sister said she had to put the phone on mute a few times in order to not blow her cover. My Mom of course freaked out, felt horrible for me and was racking her brain on what she needed to get made in order to help me to replenish my baby stash to suit a baby boy. My sister said that she tried to make me feel better that nothing was actually wrong with the baby but I was pretty upset. I told her no but it has an extra body part I wasn't wanting. She left my Mom hanging and told her I would likely call her to break the news once I got a bite to eat and calmed down a bit. I waited a few hours to call her back and in the meantime she told co-workers, family and friends. Of course it spread like wildfire to other family members with no one catching on that it was a joke. They all felt horrible for me.

I called her later that night and when she answered I loudly said "Happy April Fool's Day!" she said thanks and then let me know she had heard the news... she still hadn't caught on. Mom.... what she said, is it a joke. She was relieved to know that she wouldn't have to redo the baby stuff she had made me. I asked her if she was mad but she told me that she doesn't get mad she just gets even. My siblings told me not to worry and to be honest I'm not. =) If you love me though you will keep an eye out for me next April Fools because I'm sure my mom will be spending the next year thinking of how to get revenge. Now if we can just get a baby GIRL here then I will feel better... I don't want the last joke to be on me.

Happy April Fool's Day Mom! Sorry you had to be the blunt of my joke but you sure made this year allot of fun!