Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Poll

One week can make one weak! As of today I officially have one week left before my due date. This is according to my ultrasound. If you go off my calculations it' s a week and a day. Either way I guess it doesn't really matter since she will decide when to come in the long run. As of last Thursday I was still a zero in all areas. She is healthy and just enjoying her time inside of me I guess. Because I know you are going to ask NO he won't be inducing me at least not at this point. Unless you have some progression or there is a medical reason it's against the law to start you just because you are sick of being pregnant or in my case just want an April baby. I have another appointment on Wednesday so if something huge develops I am sure I will post about it.

I am becoming more miserable but hanging in there. I have such pressure that I never experianced with Alex. I know the life of two children will be an adjustment however so I'm trying to just enjoy the time I have. I am staying busy and trying to sleep whenever possible. Overall we are ready for her when she is ready to come. I have a few odds and ends we have put off that I am sure will either not get done or will be done frantically the last minute. So here is my poll....

When will our baby girl make her appearance?

A. Soon, before my due date
B. Right on time 26-27th of April
C. On my birthday the 28th only because I want that day to myself. Yes I'm selfish!!!

D. She will be overdue but will still make April on her own

E. It will take some coaxing to get her out and a May baby is what I should expect

In case you are wondering Alex was 5 days overdue and weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs 1 oz. I did go into labor on my own but things were steady not progressing so I was only admitted due to the fact that I was overdue and would eventually make my way back to the hospital. I had already been sent home once so I am guessing they knew I would come back.
Let me know what you think, it will help me pass the time. While I wait I will stay busy and try to be upbeat, I can't be pregnant forever right?


Laura said...

My vote is D. I think she will make her entrance on the 29th, but that's just my guess... And I hope you weren't serious about 7 lbs 1 oz being "whopping"... Try delivering an 8 lbs. 12 oz. baby! I'm teasing, it wasn't that tough. But I am excited for her to get here, so keep us posted!

alisonwonderland said...

I'm also voting for D.

All three of my babies were late - one had to come via C-section to convince her to join us in the world, and I was induced with both of the other two. But in the scheme of things, I was much happier to know that they were "fully baked" despite my discomfort those last few weeks than to think about the struggles of babies that come too early.

Hang in there! Whatever happens, she'll be here soon!