Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

So I am not one who would usually plays April Fool's jokes however this year was a tad bit different. Back up a few days before when I informed my Mom of a friend's SIL who had delivered a healthily baby boy after expecting a girl. We talked about how horrible it would be to have everything prepared only to find out it was the opposite sex.
April Fool's Day comes and I have a Dr appt. My baby girl had been quite active lodging herself in my far left side against my back. It was very uncomfortable and not something I had ever experienced with Alex. I mentioned it to my Dr that thought it was a her foot. He doubled checked me to make sure that her positioning was till head down. Everything looked fine. It gave me an idea though and I ran it by him. He loved it and said to go for it.
After leaving the Dr I called my sister and asked her to join in my plan. She of course was all on board. She called my Mom right away and asked if she had spoken to me that day. She said yes that morning but not since then. Kim then preceded to tell her that she called me on my way out of my Dr appt and I was sobbing uncontrollably. She said because of our question about positioning the Dr had decided to do an ultrasound and low and beyond.....

My Mom's reaction... "You're shitting me" my sister said she had to put the phone on mute a few times in order to not blow her cover. My Mom of course freaked out, felt horrible for me and was racking her brain on what she needed to get made in order to help me to replenish my baby stash to suit a baby boy. My sister said that she tried to make me feel better that nothing was actually wrong with the baby but I was pretty upset. I told her no but it has an extra body part I wasn't wanting. She left my Mom hanging and told her I would likely call her to break the news once I got a bite to eat and calmed down a bit. I waited a few hours to call her back and in the meantime she told co-workers, family and friends. Of course it spread like wildfire to other family members with no one catching on that it was a joke. They all felt horrible for me.

I called her later that night and when she answered I loudly said "Happy April Fool's Day!" she said thanks and then let me know she had heard the news... she still hadn't caught on. Mom.... what she said, is it a joke. She was relieved to know that she wouldn't have to redo the baby stuff she had made me. I asked her if she was mad but she told me that she doesn't get mad she just gets even. My siblings told me not to worry and to be honest I'm not. =) If you love me though you will keep an eye out for me next April Fools because I'm sure my mom will be spending the next year thinking of how to get revenge. Now if we can just get a baby GIRL here then I will feel better... I don't want the last joke to be on me.

Happy April Fool's Day Mom! Sorry you had to be the blunt of my joke but you sure made this year allot of fun!