Sunday, April 11, 2010


Easter was very laid back this year. Our neighborhood had a egg hunt on Friday and since Jason had the day off he was able to hide the eggs and help with the hunt. I thought it was perfect! I arrived two minutes before it started, Alex got a dozen or so eggs with good candy and we were done. I loved that I didn't have to show up hours early, stand in the heat or the cold and fight other children for five eggs filled with crap candy. Perhaps I am just getting old. I feel like at three, okay almost three years old with no siblings I can get away with not taking him to all the big hunts for now and that's just what we did. We enjoyed a quiet laid back weekend and spent Sunday with family for dinner. We gave Alex a new Elphafun game and some cars sunglasses. He was thrilled! It was nice to have things so simple because often I feel the holidays are overrated and we forget what the true meaning is behind it. I am sure next year he will understand more what he is missing out on but until then we will settle for simple.