Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the 12 days of Christmas?

OK so not Christmas but what about the 12 days of Baby waiting. As of today I have 12 days left until my due date. Overall I am feeling great just dealing with allot of pressure because she is so low. As of last Friday I was a whopping zero with no progress. I go back into the Dr tomorrow so I'm hoping for a bit of progression, but not expecting it. I am not in a rush to get her here as I know just how much work it will be to have two kids. The first 6 wks with Alex were very difficult trying to deal with hormones, pain and no sleep. I am however very anxious because I can't wait to see her sweet face and dress her in all of her adorable clothes. I would really like her to have an April birthday so if I had some assurance that it would happen I think I could relax and just enjoy the time I have left. Unfortunately if I am not making progress I can't be induced and will just have to ride it out. Trying to remain positive and just enjoy the time I have remaining. I know it will go by faster than I think.

I have loved being pregnant this time around especially. I will miss feeling her move inside of me. She is one crazy chick! Here for a few pictures from the other night. My hairstyling buddy Mindy offered to curl my hair showing me how with her straight iron. I still can't get it but perhaps in time. We were a bit hyper so forgive my silliness. I told her I was hoping to go into labor that night so I could have cute hair, yeah no luck. Oh well!

38 weeks along

Not sure why I didn't smile for this one. Nice LARGE side view

Me, Mindy and Nat pose for a pic

Being goofy, wow.. that sure is a big belly especially next to these two chicks.

Me and one of my BFs Nat being a bit sassy with our curls thanks to Mindy, wish we could have her do our hair everyday.
I am working my way from current to the past to scroll down for my posts. =)


Natalie said...

Super cute pictures. Love the sassy hair and you look so great. Can't wait to meet this new little one. What are you going to name her?

Jamie said...

You look great and I Love the hair...if only we all had someone to do our hair everyday! Can't wait to see your little girl! And I am jealous that you loved being prego! Good luck!

Emily said...

Wow 12 days left!! I'm so excited for you! Girls are so different than little boys! :)

Connie said...

You are darling! I can hardly wait to hear all the details of this new one!

Laura said...

I totally love your hair like that! You look so cute :) Keep me posted about your little one... I can't wait!