Monday, April 16, 2012

Mommy Lily

I can't believe she is almost two. She is going to make such a good Mommy.

Sorry this picture is a bit fuzzy my ipad wasn't liking the lighting. Of course when I tried again she was done.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What have you been up to?

I wanted to share some fun pictures from the last few months. These days we are so busy that most of the pictures we take are either done on  our phone or my Ipad. I am great at putting them in my Facebook page but not so much on here. I really need to be better at updating. The story of my life.  First though I wanted to share another typical Alex quote.
Alex: Mom, is Emily driving to preschool today?

Mom: Yup
Alex: Ugg, her car is soooo boring. Do you know why it's boring Mom?
Mom: No, Why?

Alex: Because it's hot, so hot. I like our car better, we have a heater.

He cracks me up! Enjoy the pictures!

Alex and Lily enjoying breakfast for St. Patty's Day!

We took the kids to Baby Animal Days this year. It's an event held in Logan for Easter. We met the Johnsons and my childhood friend Laura for the day. So fun! This picture is Alex showing off his bear face. We got these masks while waiting in line to see the baby bear cubs. They were so dang cute!

Lily's bear face

Alex and his buddy Parker ( Laura's son) being crazy cowboys. Both of their faces crack me up

Shae and Alex seeing how big they are compared to the bears

Laura and I stuffing our faces. Not a great pictures of us but still very priceless these days since we don't get many pictures together. Check out Laura's corn dog. It was a foot long until she got to it. :)
Lily our firefighter

Enjoying some breakfast with our Daddy

She cracks me up

Our neighbor and friend turned the big 40 so we got to play at the clubhouse to celebrate. This is where I found my kiddos.

                                                             Lily sporting her new glasses
                                       Our new quote above our bed. I smile every time I see it.
                                                 My silly kids wanting to pose for a picture
                                   Alex has been taking our lessons from our Neighbor Emily.
              He has really improved on his skills. He drew this bunny for me for Easter. I love it!
                   Jason was out grilling and Lily wanted to join him so she went to get some shoes on.
                                                     All ready she said, I couldn't stop laughing.

My little cowgirl, can you believe in just a few weeks she will be two. I tear up just thinking about it.