Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day of love, a day full of snow too! Happy Valentine's Day! I feel very lucky to have two very special Valentines this year. Alex has learned a few new tricks to keep Mom and
Dad entertained. He is learning to wave bye bye, gargle with his spit and rock back and forth on his knees. Anyday I think he will be crawling. We also play a new game where I will kiss his nose and then he will kiss mine back, it's so cute. Knock on wood, he has also been sleeping through the night but I will try and not to jinx that.

My little Valentine Alex!
Jason, Jas, JC, Poppy or Daddy is of course my other Valentine. I was tagged ( the last one I will be doing for awhile) and it seemed appropriate for today so here is my tag about my Hubby. Happy Valentine's Day Jason, I love you! SYFAE
What is his name? Jason Alan OwYoung
How long have you been together? Since March 17, 2000 so just a month short of 8 years
How long did you date? 3 including our 6 month engagement
How old his he? 31 eek jk honey
Who eats more? Jas
Who said I love you first? honestly I don't remember is that bad? We were both pretty whopped from the beginning.
Who is taller? Jas
Who can sing better? Most definitely me, however that isn't saying much since neither of us sing well.
Who is smarter? I would say Jas but what's good is I have my strengths where he has weaknesses and visa versa
Who does the laundry? Both of us he puts it in the washer/dryer, I sort fold and put away
Who sleeps on the right side? Looking from the foot of the bed? Jas From the head of the bed, Me however we switched it up when I was prego.
Who mows the lawn? our expensive HOA
Who cooks dinner? Again both of us, we love to cook. Since I am home now I do most of the cooking but Jason does his fair share too.
Who is more stubborn? me all the way
Who kissed who first? *blushing* I nibbled his neck and then he went for the full on kiss. We weren't shy.
Who asked who out first? I guess you would say him.
Who proposed? Jas but he didn't get a chance as to when, I was impatient.
Who has more friends? He would probably say me but I think we both make loyal friends pretty easy.
Who is more sensitive? Me for sure.
Who has more siblings? Me
Who wears the pants? Jas would say I get my way but I think he makes the decisions. We are pretty equal.
I now tag anyone who is in love and wants to share a little dirt on their sweetie, come on girls, I know you are out there.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Janea said...

So cute! I forgot how much you love Valentine's Day!

Bennett Family said...

fun! happy heart day!!!

Mollie said...

Love your wording on your little survey! Hahaha...whopped:o)

I bet you can't wait for Alex to start crawling...he'll be into everything:o)