Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sitting Duck

So I go in to check on Alex today who was being very quiet after making a ruckus at first when he woke up from his nap.

I slowly open the door to his room expecting to see his little head bopping up from the crib rail to see me.

Instead I find a sitting duck or Alex in his duck sleepers sitting in the corner of his crib. He had managed to get out of his swaddled blanked and move to the other side of his crib and sit up, a first for him. I grabbed my camera from the den and snapped these pictures. Alex was nice enough to smile for me. He gets cuter everyday, is that possible?

The binkey had to come out so he could smile for dad, don't mind his heat
zip thinger on his chin, not so cute!


Teri said...

sharie, I just love seeing pics of Alex. He is one cute baby! Thanks for sharing. hugs, Teri

Mollie said...

He does get cuter everyday, doesn't he! Those are adorable pictures...just wait until the day that you hear a little thump during nap time, run in to check it out, and find him sitting on the floor smiling up at you:o)

emily said...

I was telling my husband after the last Stampin' party I came to at your house how outrageously, ridiculously cute your child is. He really is so cute. You must grin all the time.

Carly Grymes said...

Sharie you got yourself a gorgeous little boy!!! They are so much fun!! But also so much work, but worth every minute of it!!!