Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So we took a friend out to lunch today for her birthday. We went to my all time favorite bakery Haggerman's to eat. This morning getting ready was a bit of a struggle at our house. I told Alex no less than 30 times to go get his teeth brushed and his clothes on. After much fighting, threatening, crying etc. we made it to lunch.
After we got home I found that the wreath from our door had blown off. I commented to Alex that it was missing. After putting Lily down for a nap I hear Alex say oh no I'm missing something. He walked around asking where it was, who took it etc. I assumed he was just copying me about the wreath. I asked "What are you missing?" He came over and showed me, no undies. Yup in the mist of our crazy morning he had gotten dressed in his jeans without putting his undies on first.
Lunch commando style, you should give it a try.


Allison and Blake said...

LOL... that is hilarious!!