Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Birthday, Another year older!

Well life is busy around our house today. I have been busy packing to go out of town for the weekend. My in-laws have been nice enough to let us use their timeshare in East Canyon ( near Park City). We are going up there with my sister's family and my mom and Larry. It should be a good weekend! I finally understand why my sister always seemed to pack the kitchen sink when coming to visit. Packing for Alex is a whole lot of work!!!

Before we leave for the weekend I wanted to wish my Buva Buva Brandon a very happy birthday. He is ohhh 30 something today October 12th. I won't give his full age as he is getting old. =) The older he gets the more he looks like my dad, it's a little creepy. He married his sweetheart in July, man I wish my dad could have been there. I know he was in spirit though. It was a beautiful wedding.

I have many memories of Brandon and I have to say some not so good. I remember crying when I smelt my mom putting on perfume at night. I knew this meant I was being left with Brandon who was bound to tease and torture me somehow. Whether it was holding me down to tickle me or threaten to spit on me or making fun of me talking to myself as I played school. He was always having fun teasing me. As we got older he teased me less and we got along more. I remember one of his friends saying to me oh so you are the little sister he is so proud of. I guess I never realized what I really meant to him until that day. Now living across the country from him I really miss not having all of my family together. Hopefully in time we will talk him into moving back home.

My bro on a fishing trip, He really looks like my dad in this picture.

Posing for the camera at my wedding a few years back (one good looking dude).

Brandon, his wife Susannah and the boys (they may be dogs but he acts like their his kids) and sorry I don't remember their names (bad aunt).

Brandon-I hope with Dad being gone you can fill in and take Alex fishing. You and dad are so much alike I hope he will be able to learn more about dad through you. Have a very Happy Birthday! Love your little Sis Shar-Bar


Mollie said...

Hi Shari! I love your blog...I'm learning so much about you! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Let me know when you get back so we can do lunch:o)

Janea said...

Shari, your blog is so cute! I found your blog through Mollie. Congratulations on little Alex; he is so cute! Sounds like things are going good for you. Keep in touch.