Tuesday, October 30, 2007


You never realize just how important sleep is until you don't get any. I personally have always been a sleeper. My Mom says I slept through the night on my very first night home from the hospital. I think I have been that way ever since. As a kid my mom said she always knew if I was sick because that is the only reason I would be up in the middle of the night. As a teenager I loved to stay up late reading a book, talking on the phone or chatting on the computer. I would than get to bed late and sleep in until 10ish if my Mom would let me.

Being pregnant I could never get enough sleep. I always seemed to be tired. Many nights I would eat dinner and than fall asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. Often Jason would wake me up only to tell me it was time for bed. He would have dinner put away, the kitchen cleaned and often my side of the bed all toasty warm for me. What a good hubby!! I remember telling people how tired I was. They would always say get some sleep while you can, once that baby gets here you will sleep no more. Ya right I thought!!

Oh boy were they right!!! I have never had so many sleepless nights. Comcast on demand has become a real lifesaver for late night feedings. I also have the greatest hubby ever who gets up with me at night to take care of Alex. It's become family time. I cherish the nights of chatting with Jas, snacking, watching TV, nursing one of my boys while listening to the other one snoring on me or scratching Jason's back while he puts Alex back to sleep. I know most women have the nighttime feedings by themselves. I am very lucky to have such a great husband.

Anyway as for sleep or lack there of I have been so sleep deprived since Alex was born that would wake up nightly thinking Alex was in our bed. One night I bounced my pillow as I went downstairs to get Alex. I stopped myself on the stairs wondering why I was going to get Alex if he was in my arms. Then I realized it was my pillow. Many nights I have woke Jason asking him to take Alex out of our bed. Let's just say he hasn't appreciated it.

Good news I think that time has passed. Not only have I slept great, not woken Jason up nightly thinking Alex was in our bed but I have actually been so asleep I have started dreaming again. No Alex has not slept through the night since Thursday but 7 hours in a row is pretty close and good enough for me. Last night was 7 and then 3 1/2 so I think we will shoot for that again tonight. Alex is such a happier baby when he has had enough rest.

So you might ask what has changed. Honestly I think some of it is time, him getting older and secondly we have began feeding him oatmeal before bed. I think this helps keep him fuller longer. At least it seems to be doing the trick so we will keep it up. Now as for the napping in his crib well, we are still working on it.
Here are some pictures of Alex's room for those of you who haven't seen it. These were taken before he was born so it doesn't have his rocker or a few of the pictures hung up but overall this is how it looks now. I apologize that the colors are a little off. The orangeish color is actually SU! Real Red and his walls are SU! Certainly Celery ( my favorite color)

Alex's crib

Alex's changing table and bookcase that Jason painted SU! Real Red ( Now there are wall hangings over his changing table that match his bedspread)

His name over his crib ( I have an obsession with names in print, I think because of my unique name)

Last but not least we gave in and bought bug a Jumparoo this weekend. He loves it, and I love it because it keeps him entertained. He is still pretty little so he has plenty of room to grow into it. Yes my front room is all baby, at least that is what my MIL says.

Just hanging out in my Jungle Jumparoo

Don't you love the permagrin?

Tomorrow is Halloween, Alex is going to be monkey. I plan on taking him into work to show him off to all of my old co-workers. I promise to post some pictures of my little monkey later this week. Happy Halloween Eve!


Janea said...

So cute. I fed the kids cereal early on as well..they just seemed hungry. The cereal didn't seem to help with Kylie but, I am really glad it is working for you. 7 hrs is through the night in my opinion. Now, it can only get better. :)

Mollie said...

I love his room! I want that bedding set if we end up having another boy...it has a giraffe on it, right? I hope you guys have a great Halloween and do post pictures:o)