Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Little Monkey

Wednesday was Halloween, a pretty good day overall that is after I found a spare key to my car since Jason took off to work with my set. =) I took Alex into Stampin' UP! to show him off of course and to see all my friends. I wish I would have taken more pictures there so much was going on. It's a very fun place to work on Halloween. They served soup, and had a coloring contest for the kids who came in. They had fog machines and a cubicle decorating contest. They also had a costume contest. My favorite was the DT team who had their desks set up like the game Clue with each cuby being a room and each employee a character. You could go around and play the game. I also thought that HR was cute as candyland. Loads of fun!! Alex wasn't sure what to think of all the crazy people dressed in costumes. Especially my friend Danny who was dressed as a Gorilla. His wife came in as a Banana and his baby a little gorilla. It was super cute. Alex was really good but got tired and hungry towards the end. I feed him a bottle and he fell asleep. I took the long way home with a stop at Del Taco just to ensure that he got a nap and I had a little piece and quiet. Funny how you treasure some hot fries, a Dt. Coke and your favorite tunes while you have a sleeping baby in the back of your car.

That night I made chicken pot pie for dinner. I am really trying to venture out with my cooking. This time it turned out pretty good! If anyone has some good simple recipes pleas let me know especially if they are for the crockpot ( my favorite way to go). After dinner we handed out some candy and then decided to go for a walk and take Alex up to a friends house to show off his costume. It was perfect weather for Halloween!

Well I promised some pics of Alex in his monkey costume so here are a few. We found this costume while shopping in Park City. It was on clearance at Gap ( oh ya)!

This picture was taken in front of our house with Alex's pumpkin.

He wasn't digging his photo shoot.

A self-portrait by mom, aren't we adorable?

After a long day as SU Alex just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

Ready for the ride home

Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween!


Janea said...

Cute post. It sounds like you had fun at SU! I haven't been back since I left..with all of the changes, I doubt people would even realize who I was. :)