Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Weekend

I hope you are having good weekend, overall we have. Friday I had a SU! holiday SAS at my house. What could be more fun then a bunch of crazy women stampin'?

Saturday we cleaned , hung out, went to dinner with some friends to Rumbi Grill and grocery shopping after. Dinner was fun as always with the Whites, we really enjoy their company even if it means we now have three kids to bring along. That is almost one child per adult. CRAZY!! I had to laugh because most of our dinner conversation revolved around our kids. Whether it was about sleeping, pooping, eating, crawling etc. it had to do with our children. Our whole life now is about our kids. It's nice to know friends who are as kid focused as we are.

Today is Sunday, not sure what are plans are exactly. Jason may have to go into work for a few hours. My cousin Jes is in town from Cali so we will be going to dinner at my Aunt Sheila's house for dinner for sure. It's always a good meal and good company when you go over there. It is also supposed to storm today. I am thinking it's a good day for baking. I have an almond poppy sead cookie recipe I am dying to try out. Do you have any good cookie recipes to share with me?

Oh and to top this weekend off Alex has napped in his crib a few times and got up just once the past few nights. FABULOUS!! Have I mentioned I love sleep?

Before I go I wanted to share one last thing. Alex was hanging out on his blanket in the den the other day while I was working on the computer. He went from on his back to his belly, what a crazy kid. I sure love him!

This is how I found him when I looked down because he was being too quiet.

This was after I pulled the blanket off of his head.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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