Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Times Change

So I have been busy cleaning my stamp room the past few days. It was a disaster!! Finally I have a place to sit and stamp. So while putting away my things I came across some family photos that were taken two years ago right before Christmas. My first thought was "boy does time fly", then it was " things have really changed", then it was " where's Alex?" and lastly "I was smokin' hot!!"

Time really does fly, it doesn't seem like it's been two years since taking that photo. Allot has changed since this photo was taken first off my bro Brandon was newly engaged in this photo, now he is married. My oldest niece Jillian is engaged as well. All the kids have grown up so much and I have a baby of my own.

It's crazy how you can feel so ugly, fat etc. and then look back at a photo and wonder what you were thinking. At first I hated these pictures of me now I think they are pretty cute. For one I have on jeans. Right now I have very few jeans that fit me even though I am only 5 lb shy of my previous weight. I think my hips have widened so I am outta luck. I need to give in and go buy some but I HATE jeans shopping. Also my hair was blond and quite short, now it's darker and longer. I don't know I guess I just need a mommy makeover to get out of this rut I am in. Anyone else ever go through this especially after having a baby?

A picture of my family. Mom and her hubby Larry in red, my brother Brandon and his wife Susannah behind me, my sister Kim and her hubby Mike to the left of my mom in black, my niece Shae on my lap, nephew Braxton in white, hubby Jason behind him, niece Hilary in black on the end, niece Jillian behind her and niece Areiann next to her.

My handsome hubby Jason and I

My sister and best friend Kim and I, guess who's older? HA HA jk Kim

My little family, Mom, brother Brandon, sister Kim and I


Mollie said...

I feel the same way! What the heck happened to the hot me...oh wait, I had three kids! So let's find a babysitter and go get make-overs! You up for it?

Janea said...

Only if I can come too! Oh, and yeah, I so know how that is. It seemed to get worse when I started staying home. The price we pay to live out our dream right?