Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Moms can't get sick!!

Moms can't get sick!! That's what I found out this week after coming down with some sort of bug. Long are the days of curling up in your bed better yet your Mom's bed with a cup of chicken noodle soup watching day time TV while ditching school trying to feel better. Now that I am a Mom I can't get sick. Jason was nice enough to take Monday off to help me out but it still wasn't as easy as it has been in the past to be sick. Crazy how much one little guy can change your life.

Last weekend we went to my Mom's for Sunday Family Dinner. We try to do this about once a month if we are lucky. It's always crazy ciaos but lots of fun. The food is always good, and it's nice to just get together and chat. Sunday we sat around looking at old family photo slides. It was fun to see pictures of my Dad. Alex also got his first haircut from his Aunt Kim. Yes I said his first hair cut and he isn't even 6 months old. He has a handful of extra long hairs that looked funny. They were too long to spike up and looked funny laying down. He was beginning to look like a little rooster. He was pretty good for the ordeal and I was even able save some of his hair for his baby book. I would share the video but well let's just say I have taken better videos.

Before leaving for Sunday Dinner Alex released some of his energy in his Jungle Jumparoo.

Being silly with Dad or Poppy as I fondly call him.

Alex decided a Sunday nap on Grammy's bed sounded nice.

Gotta love that smile!


Mollie said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! As a mom, we never gets breaks...not even when we're sick!

The last picture of Alex is too stinking cute! Simply adorable!

Janea said...

I hope you are feeling better. I hate being sick when you are a mom..you don't get to be. :)