Tuesday, November 27, 2007

6 month check up

We took Alex to his 6 month check up yesterday. As we suspected he is teething. I knew there had to be a reason for his random sleep patterns lately. After I reported he was back to normal he didn't sleep much Sunday night. It was a relief to get some reason from our Dr. She was also pleased to hear that Alex is finally napping in his crib and sleeping better at night. I told her that although he loves his cereal he doesn't like any of the solid foods I have given him. She asked if I eat spicy food and when I told her yes she said that the food I am giving him probably tastes bland after having my milk. Very interesting!! Alex is healthy and doing well for his age. I may have to change these numbers later as I can't read them our Doc's handwriting well but you will get the idea. He is little just under 15 lbs and in the 10 % for his weight. He is long though 27 ish inches and in the 75% for his height and in the 50% for his head diameter. He received his regular shots plus the flu vaccine as well and did much better than his last appointment. I think his usual nurse just does a better job overall. She is very fast but gentle and efficient. The last time we had another nurse who didn't do as good of a job IMHO. After a rough start to bedtime last night Alex slept all night from 8:30 to 8 minus the hour he was up after 10. He then took a two hour nap this morning and is back down for his second nao today. He doesn't seem to be feeling well so nap time is working out great. Anywho here are a few pictures of Alex from yesterday. Enjoy!

Taken in the waiting room, he had no clue what was coming. Not sure what is up with his zit. Has he hit puberty already?

Down to our diaper for check up time

Time to be weighed, he hates this cold table.

Waiting for the doctor with Daddy.

Time for his shots, he didn't dig this part at all.


Janea said...

I don't miss these days at all. Kylie is done until she starts Kindergarten..YIPEE!! Cute pics of the little guy. Can't wait to see him in person.