Thursday, November 29, 2007


Not too much to blog about this week. Alex and I have been homebodies since Monday. I have come down with a cold which sadly I believe Alex is getting now. We have been taking it easy this week. Alex has been doing allot of sleeping, we are talking 8:30pm-8:30am with one feeding in between. He has also been napping well. I think between his shots, teething and the cold going around our house he doesn't feel well. It's been a blessing to me that he will sleep because I sure need it this week.

On a side note it snowed on Tuesday. The first real snowstorm with any snow to show for it since Alex was born. It's funny how much I enjoy the snow more when I can view it through my window. Alex loved watching the snow fall. I can't wait until we can get him out in it to play.

Back to napping, Alex is down so I am going to follow him while I can. Have a great week!


Anna-Marie Still said...

Feeling like I need a nap today too. Can I join you two?

Loved the pics of Alex in his bib and socks! Cute - cute!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sharie, Shae and I love the site. You've done a great job.
Love ya lots little sistar

Mollie said...

Oh no! I hope you both feel better really soon!

Janea said...

I hope you both feel better. I hate being sick and especially hate when the kids are sick too. I am feeling mine coming and Kylie spent Thursday vomitting day it coming too. Wish me luck. :)

Bennett Family said...

SHAR-BAR! what's UP??? i ran into your cousin jess in the blogger world and there YOU were! mind if i add you to my link list? your family is so cute...especially your BEAUTIFUL baby boy!!! CONGRATS!!! we still miss your mom TONS. tell her hello please. keep in touch!