Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I was looking through some keepsakes the other day when I came across an old letter I received when I was 6 years old. It was from my only sister Kim who was married and lived a few hours away. As I read the letter I found out that I had more nicknames growing up then I had ever known. I was called Dolly, Bird, DollyBird and Sharie Anne. None of these I was aware of. The nicknames I am aware of are Shar, Shar-Bar, Gerta Mae, Baby Blue Eyes and Stubby. I know you are thinking Stubby now that's cruel. Well that one is from my dear cousin Jes. Honestly she adores my stubby so it's all in good fun.

Anyway this got me thinking about all the nicknames we call Alex and thought it was important to share them because in time some are sure to fade, just like mine have. While I am at it I might as well share a few random pics, here we go...

Before I found out I was having a boy I was beyond convinced that Alex was a girl. I referred to "her" as Maddie because I wanted to name "her" Madison. I wonder if Alex will ever turn his head when hearing the name Maddie because of this. Sorry bud!

Here is my little Alex, I am sure glad you aren't a Maddie, I wouldn't trade you for anything. This was right before coming home from the hospital, he was sooo little.

Alex's main nickname would probably be bug or bug-a-boo. He got this one from his cousin Jillian. She was there for his birth and fell in love with him from the beginning.

Here is a cute picture of the two of them hanging out.

One of my favorite nicknames for Alex is Miser ( that would be Mister without the t) I am not sure where I got this one from but I have made up a silly song I sing to him calling him my Miser.

I love this picture of Miser because it shows off his amazing brown eyes. I am sure if my Grandpa Stewart were alive he would call Alex baby brown eyes like he called me baby blue eyes.

I also like to call him Turkey this is usually when he is being naughty.

Here he is being anything but a little Turkey.

Last but not least many people say he looks like a little monkey so he is often called Monkey.

I guess his Halloween costume was perfect then wasn't it? A cute picture with Daddy.

Nicknames sure are fun and tell a lot about a person. I wonder what other nicknames we will add through the years. I love you Alex, Maddie, Baby Brown Eyes, Bug, Bug-a-Boo, Turkey, Monkey and my little Miser.


Stantons said...

Look how cute his costume is! I didn't really get to see him when I ran into you at SU. He is adorable. And AMEN about not getting sick! That has been me this whole week. Bleh.