Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

So today October 10th, 2007 my father would be 62 yrs old. Happy Birthday Dad! I can't believe that it's been 17 yrs since he passed away. Part of me feels like it's been forever and the other part feels like it was only yesterday. I wonder what life would be like if he were here today. Would he look as old as his friends do? To me he will always be the young handsome dad. I don't think he would have liked growing old.

It's been quite the year for us kids. Kim going back to school to be a nurse, Brandon getting hitched and me giving birth. WOWZERS!!! I feel like he has been here through it all. Whether it's helping Kim through a test, feeling his spirit at the wedding or sending my little guy down to me. I often feel him close! Just last night I was sitting on the porch with Alex getting some fresh air while we waited for Jason to come home. It was a beautiful peaceful day with a little breeze. I looked up and saw a dragonfly go by. Just a single one flying through the air. Of course I thought of Dad. It seems like whenever I need a little hello he comes to me or at least that is what I believe.

Aren't they amazing creatures

For those of you that don't know we choose to take my dad's name as Alex's middle name so he is named after both of his grandpas. Alex ( after grandpa Al OwYoung) and Roger after my dad. I hope that I can teach him all about his grandpa. It's amazing all the memories I have even though I was only 10 when he passed away.

Don't you think Grandpa Roger would be proud of this little bug?

Pictures of my papa ( Thanks Bro)

Happy Birthday Dad, your memory lives on and will continue to live on through your children and grandchildren. I love you!!