Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crazy Week

Sorry I haven't posted all week I have been very busy. East Canyon was a very nice vacation with family. We spent the rest of Sunday eating b-day cake, swimming, hot tubbing and playing lots of outdoor games. Our family left Sunday night and we slept one more night up there. Okay so slept is probably the wrong word to use since Alex kept us up most of the night. Anyway we packed up Monday morning and stopped at Red Lobster for lunch ( I love seafood) before heading home. Jason took Monday and Tuesday off work just to hang out and spend some time as a family, it was very nice. I mentioned earlier that we had purchased a new camera. It arrived on Monday so we have been busy taking photos of Alex. I will be sure to include some today.

It was also a big week for Alex, he learned to roll over all by himself from his back to his front. He has been attempting it for weeks not but just couldn't quite get there by himself. It was funny because Jason was playing around with the video feature on our camera and was able to get Alex rolling over for the first time. Since then he has done it a few times usually when he is left on the floor for a split second, we come back in the room and he is on his tummy. He seems to be growing up so fast.

Friday I went to lunch with a bunch of girls from my old work (SU). We met at Rumbi Grill. As always it was good to see them. I really miss that part of work. I have made a lot of great friends from there. After lunch I decided to take Alex into work to visit. I haven't been in with him since he was about a month old. He was such a happy baby being passed around to everyone. Saturday I had my brag book class here at the house while Jason took Alex to Cabelias (sorry for the spelling, I can't think of hw to spell it right now) to hang out. All and all it was a crazy, busy week around here.

Here are a few fun pictures from this week.

Alex enjoying his cereal, he started on oatmeal and bananas this week, he loved it.

Alex after rolling over on his play mat, gotta love the drool.

Say Cheese!

Just hanging in his bumbo

Alex loves playing on his mat and talking to himself in the mirror.

Just playing!

I love him in this outfit from the Pews

Alex and his buddy hanging out while Mom cleans.


Janea said...

So cute. It looks like you guys had fun. Time really does fly by. It seems like just yesterday I found out you were pregnant and now he is rolling of the fun stages. :)

Mollie said...

Little ones sure do grow up fast, but he looks so tiny sitting in that little chair! Take lots of pictures with your new camera;o)