Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where did I come from?

I guess it's only appropriate that I start from the beginning. It was spring break of 2000 and I was surfing the web at my mom's house. I was just bored and wanted to chat. I had no interest in meeting anymore guys online. Everything changed when Jason messaged me on ICQ. We beginning chatting on a Monday by Tuesday we had talked on the phone and by the early morning hours of Thursday March 17 (St. Patty's Day) we had met in person.

I remember him wanting to meet me in person before I went back to school at Snow. He sounded like the perfect guy so I knew it was too good to be true. I thought he would take one look at me and run the other direction. I finally gave in and decided to meet in person. I remember the rain coming down as he stepped from his Jeep in the dark. He came up to the porch and gave me a big strong hug. Let's just say the rest is history!!

We were engaged November 16, 2002 and married the following year May 9, 2003.

This is a picture of us in Las Vegas shortly after getting engaged!

This is one of our engagement photos

It's been a wonder 4+ years of marriage. We always knew we wanted kids but wanted to spend some time alone together before starting a family. We decided that we will get off birth control and start trying in June of 2006. It didn't take long before I got pregnant. From Father's day to August 15ish. I think we were expecting it to take a little longer. I was getting ready for our trip to CA for a friend's wedding. I went shopping for clothes and was very depressed when nothing seemed to fit. I suspected that I might be pregnant but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I took a test with me on our trip in case. We had a great time in California however I just didn't seem to feel like myself. My skin broke out, I was extremely tired and constantly had to pee. Anyone who knows me is aware that I can usually go twice in one day and call it good. This trip was different. In fact before we even arrived in CA Jason almost lost his life because he couldn't get me to a potty fast enough. I asked him to take the next exit which he did but then he proceeded to get right back on the freeway on accident of course. I thought I would have to pee in the car. I suspected the whole trip I might be pregnant but when I would mention it to Jason he thought I was just getting my hopes up. In Vegas on our way back home I put on my everyday jeans to find that they would not do up. Now my weight does go up and down and bit but nothing like this. I was so close to taking the test but chicken out.

A picture taken in CA at our friends Howie and Heidi's wedding.

We returned to Utah and I planned on meeting my cousins Jesica and Heather for brunch the next day while Jes was in town from CA. I mentioned to them that I may be pregnant and they made me promise to take a test that afternoon. I waited most of the day because I knew if it was positive I would not be able to keep it from Jas. I remember a commercial break coming on Oprah so I ran to the bathroom to get it over with. Here is what happened.

It's official!

I called my cousin Heather screaming like a little girl, she just laughed. That night I went to the store to get a jumbo jar of pickles and a baby balloon to go with the dinner I made for Jas. I had always told him that if he ever found me eating pickles it had to be because I am pregnant ( I hate pickles more than anything).

I remember hiding in the kitchen when I heard Jason open the front door. He yelled "Honey, I'm home" no reply "Honey I'm home" again no reply. I then heard him utter under his breath doesn't anyone care that I'm home. I peeked around the corner to see him staring at the kitchen table set for dinner complete with the jumbo pickle jar and baby balloon. He just stared as though he was in shock. I came out from hiding and all he could say was " Are you serious?". I said I sure am. I remember dinner well that night talking about the future and what it would be like. I think we were both in some sort of shock however we were both thrilled at the idea of bringing a baby into our family.

Although Alex can be a handful at times he is our whole life now. We love you bug-a-boo!

A family photo taken in June 2007 by our good friend Jamee


seven6 said...


You just may be the only reason I would consider raising "bugs" like yourself down here in FL.


I have a proposition for you...If Susannah and I were to have kids and the first was a girl (quite possible) would you be willing to trade? At least for the summers?