Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jumping from the rafters

So for weeks I have been trying daily to get Alex to nap in his crib. It didn't matter what I tried it wasn't happening. I could put him down awake, drowsy or asleep and he would be up. Our Dr. said he really needs to be napping in his crib but I just couldn't get him to do it. Well breakthrough, as we speak he is napping in his crib. I want to scream but won't for fear of waking him. Maybe a little later I will try to snap a picture, both of his arms are over his head, it's so precious.

He has a few new tricks as well. He has learned to smack his lips. He pulls in his top lip the most. I hope to catch it on film soon. He has discovered his hands too. Well in more depth I should say. His latest is to hold his hand up in the air and move it back and forth staring contently. It's so cute. He also loves when we count to 3 and help him jump. I really think we need to buy him a jumparoo.

Cross your fingers for me that he naps for awhile and will continue to do so. Have a great day!


Janea said...

Hopefully he stayed in all afternoon for you. Yipee!!