Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kids say the darnest things or wait is that me?

It's the little things in life I love to remember. So I was talking to Jason a few days ago about some of the strange things I say. Not wanting to forgot them I thought I record a few.

While dating Jason we were watching a movie one night. It was a getting a bit late and I was tired when I muttered...

" When you say goodbye to me with q-tips it makes me sad."

Just as soon as I finished my sentence I asked him if I had said what I thought I had said. His response was Yes, I think it's time for me to go.

"I'm making pice and rasta tonight for dinner." This is what I told Natalie S. at work one day when explaining the type of Rice a Roni I was going to make. I was pregnant and a bit crazy so I often mixed my letters up. She still teases me for it.

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for bed and grabbed the chapstick off my nightstand. As I put it on my lips I knew something was a tad bit different.

" This chapstick is the same only different" I told Jason. Wow was his response ya that makes a lot of sense.

So it was strawberry instead of cherry... you totally understand what I was saying, right? We all know that kids say the darnest things but what about you? Am I the only one who's lights are are but no one's home?

On a side note Alex's two teeth are making their way in and life is looking a bit brighter around here.


Jamie said...

I never thought to write down the funny/dumb things I say. Thanks for the idea. Love the new blog.

Anna-Marie Still said...

Umm....I have no idea what you are talking about.......

LisaH said...

I totally get ya babe