Thursday, February 12, 2009

Always a Ham

It's snowing, I'm sick and am trying to get prepped for my upcoming Stampin' UP! classes. It's not been the greatest day until Irecieved a few e-mails from my Aunt Sheila. It's crazy how a few old pictures can bring a smile to your face and make you giggle until your sides hurt. Those who know me best have heard I was quite the ham as a child and loved to be photographed or video taped. Here for a few fun pictures of me as a little girl. Thanks Aunt Sheila!

Me with my cousin Jesica goofing off, we had many fun times together.

Easter morning with my cousins Jesica and Spencer,
what is up with that pose and those shoes?

Just me... don't you love those eyes?


Jamie said...

The last pic is so perfect! I love looking back at old pics!

Anna-Marie Still said...

so sweet! I love those freckles! You beautiful, funny girl!

Sami said...

I DO love those eyes. You were so adorable! I hope you feel better so soon.