Monday, February 9, 2009

25 random things about me

Not much to blog about lately just busy spring cleaning, getting ready to eventually move as well as prepping for my upcoming Stampin' UP! classes. I did however decide while I was posting my random list on Facebook I might as well add it here. If you decide to do the same please let me know I would love to read your list.

Here are my 25 random or not so random things about me.

1-When I was little my dream was to be a teacher or ice cream LADY when I grew up.

2-I refuse to see a movie without popcorn regardless of how full I am off of dinner. Usually the choice of a theatre will be decided by how good their popcorn is.

3-I lost both my father and brother before my tenth birthday.

4-I HATE DOGS!!! I have been terrified of them since I was a baby.

5-I love bread, good chocolate and Diet Coke and could live off those alone I would however be happy to live without candy with no hesitation.

6-I read the obituaries daily… I am kind of obsessed with death I suppose probably due to number 3.

7-I love public speaking and had a full ride scholarship in college for it.

8-I am shy and hate stamping in front of others especially demoing products, I know it does not seem to mix well with number 7.

9- I love my unique name but hate when it’s misspelled or mispronounced. There is an E on the end people its Shar…. E. Aggg some other people’s children. =)

10- I have a difficult time filling out a form in order. For example paying bills this morning I would write February, then my name, then back to the 9, then down to the total, then up to the person it goes to. How annoying I know but I can’t stop.

11-I play the piano and the violin and can’t wait to own a piano of my own one day.

12- I love dates and remember many of them whether it’s a birthday of an old friend or the day I got engaged, had my first kiss with Jason etc… I love dates.

13-I like writing out To Do lists and crossing things off. If I do something that wasn’t on my list, then I add it and cross it off. My friend Natalie always knows that Mondays are my large to do list days so don’t ask me to play.

14-As my friend Haylee put it so well… I am also addicted to the Internet (blogging, email, facebook). I can't go more than a few hours without feeling this overwhelming need to check all three "just in case" I have a message or a new post to read. I also check it in the same order each time....slightly OCD. I was scolded by my old boss and co-workers for checking my work e-mail account from home. I just had to though.

15-I miss clogging from my youth and would love to get back into a clogging group.

16-I love impromptu speaking and often have dreams of being called up on stage out of the audience by Shelly Gardner to speak at convention. WOW wouldn’t that be a dream come true. I also love speaking in church. It’s better if I have little time to prepare.

17- I love to cook and bake. Really I love anything to do with food but creating something in the kitchen really makes me happy.

18-If I could add two talents to my list it would be Gymnastics and Cake decorating. I guess I’ll keep dreaming.

19-I met my hubby online and couldn’t be happier. Probably doesn’t shock you after reading number 14.

20-I am closer to my niece in age then I am to my sister. Call me Great Aunt Sharie… crazy huh? Yup my niece has a daughter.

21- I have never been to Hawaii or on a cruise but dream of going one day.

22-I have to have all of my empty hangers at the end of the closet and go crazy if they aren’t. Lucky my husband has finally figured this one out.

23- I have never smoked or drank unless you call the sip of alcohol I was accidentally served at a restaurant once. I guess having a history in my family of health problems due the two have leered me away from ever adding them to my list of addictions (DT and Chocolate).

24- I am a hopeless romantic in all aspects.

25- I cherish my friendships and love to do little things to make my friends smile whether it’s making them a gift or offering a sincere compliment. I have amazing beautiful friends, I feel so blessed!!


Emily said...

I love those lists. They are so much fun. so many things I didn't know.

Carly said...

You are such a cute girl!! I miss our outings! I hope you are doing great!!

Sami said...

Oh, I loved reading about you Shar. Some things I never even knew! Come by whenever this week. I still have a few days recovery. Just let me know ahead of time so I can make sure stuff is picked up a little. :)

kimg said...

Very fun to read your list. I love to do those and read them too! I know how you feel about #14. I am the EXACT same. I can't seem to help and Cory sometimes worries about me.
By the way, there is no way Cory would move north. He won't even go for the day. I guess our internet 'relationship' will have to suffice. Sorry. Don't cry....

Dorothy said...

I love how random you are. I am the same way. Your so great. Sorry I havent called the boys had RSV and now Im sick! When Im better...You, Me, a movie and Popcorn. I have to have popcorn as well I dont care how full I am. Tony hates it!

Anna-Marie said...

hmmm... some things I didn't know for sure! I'm definately with you on the hangers in the closet!

Mollie said...

Wow...ya learn something new everyday, huh!

I miss you...when are you free?

Elicia said...

Feel exactly the same way about the to do lists. But have never really cared when people spell my unique name wrong. Oh and totally agree that a movie has to have popcorn regardless of the big dinner I just finished eating! :)

Ray, Leah, Carter and Lydia said...

I wish wish wish I loved public speaking. You are such a kind hearted person with so many talents. I love reading about your thoughts and feelings for your hubby.