Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Draper Temple

As many of your know the view from our house is pretty incredible. Over the past month or so it's become breath taking. This is because we can see the new Draper Temple from our house. I thought it would be a great opportunity as a family to go to the open house before the dedication of the temple next month. I started making calls and before long we had a group of 15 of my family members excited to go.
Yesterday we met at my house and carpooled up to the temple. We parked right out front so that we could get my Aunt Pat a wheelchair. As a family we were able to walk around and view the inside of the temple. It was incredible!! After the tour we went to Rock Creek Pizza for dinner. It was a such a nice day to spend with my family in such a beautiful place. I feel so blessed! If you live nearby I would highly recommend getting tickets before it's too late. Here are some pictures of my rooms. I searched online for all of these pictures since cameras aren't allowed inside the temple. Enjoy!

The largest of the sealing rooms were marriages take place. Looking into the mirrors for eternity is my favorite part.

Don't you love the detail on these windows?

Draper Temple during the day

Draper Temple at night

The ceiling inside of the celestial room, stunning!

The celestial room, the chandler alone had me giddy, it was gorgeous!


kimg said...

Thanks for the photos. I didn't even think to look for them online. I am not going to make it to the open house, but Sam is going with the YW. Love it!

alisonwonderland said...

another of my favorite rooms is the one with the mural of quaking aspen trees.

it really is a beautiful building, isn't it?

Anna-Marie Still said...

I was hoping you'd make a post about this! Thanks for sharing & taking the time to hunt down some photos so this east coaster could see!

Dorothy said...

Absolutely Breath taking!!! I love the Temple it is such an amazing place. I wish we had a view outside our window! Sorry I was unable to go with you to the hospital. Life has been seriously hectic. just when I think things are starting to settle they pick up again! I will call you soon!

Elicia said...

What a great experience to go with lots of members of your family. We tried to go with my family but it didn't work out so we are going with some of Eric's family next week.
BTW, I got some "news" this week. Think ultrasound and heartbeat(s). :)