Monday, March 2, 2009

Pictures that make me smile!

It's Monday.... it's been a rough week with some family drama. I am sad but am trying to see the silver lining in things. I have a class this week and of course as usual I am far from ready. I decided I need some Alex therapy this morning. Seeing pictures of my little boy always seem to put a smile on my face. These are a collection of pictures taken off of Jason's cell phone. Enjoy and Happy Monday! p.s. It's the Bachelor finale tonight so I have something to look forward to right?

Checking out the jeep while out Christmas shopping. Of course his Daddy had to take a picture.

Nap time with cousin Areiann. She has the magic touch of putting his to sleep, hence why you see more pictures of her asleep than awake.

Love his smile!

Basket goes on my head right? A hat perhaps?

Enjoying some whipped cream beaters, so much like his mother.

It was tempting to pick this up while out on our Costco run.
Alex looked so grown up sitting there all by himself.

Now that's a whisk if I have ever seen one. Jason and I are determined to get Alex to love cooking as much as we do. Perhaps this will help.

How did he know that the magnets would stick to my CrockPot? He did this all by himself and was super proud. Of course Jason called me to find out if I had taught him that. Nope he found his stool, took the magnets off the fridge and climbed up to stick the on my CrockPot. What a kid!

Playing on his landing under the table.

This looks like a good place to have a seat while I watch my movie. His buddy Nate's nap seems to be a favorite spot to hang out.


Nat said...

So cute! Glad him and Nate are buddies.

Can't wait for the Bachelor!

Dorothy said...

I absolutely love the fact that my children can change any debbie downer day that I may have. Alex is so adorable. His smile would lift anyones day!! I am so excited for tonights bachelor events!!! I might send Tony to the theater yo get me some popcorn for the festivities!!! Call me or text on commercials!!! Loves! P.S. I need to get out of my hole. Lets go play!!!

Jennelee said...

Very cute pictures! I hope your family is okay, I hate drama! Anyway, ttys girl!! Miss you!

Bennett Family said...

TOO CUTE! tell grammie pam he needs that 4-wheeler!